Sink Refinishing: Bring Your Sink Back to Life


There are many reasons to consider bringing your current sink back to its former glory with sink refinishing. If you have the right kind of sink and are displeased with the effects of aging, refinishing that sink can update the look of your kitchen or bathroom quickly and less expensively than replacing an entire fixture.

Many different kinds of sinks can be refinished. Whether your sink is fiberglass, acrylic, or porcelain there are methods available to make your sink surface look as good as new. Scratches can be removed, and discoloration due to rust, dirt, and soap scum can be erased as if they never existed. Every sink is susceptible to aging, but the effects of aging do not have to mean a sink needs to be replaced.

Refinishing can be done in a short period of time. It can be combined with refinishing other fixtures in a home or done on its own, and is generally completed easily within one day. There is no need to cut or remove counter tops or other surrounding features, which greatly cuts down on time. Sink refinishing is also a long lasting treatment. A properly refinished sink will remain useful and beautiful for another 20 years.

Refinishing a sink is especially useful for infusing new life into vintage fixtures. If you have antique porcelain sinks in your kitchen or bathroom, there is no reason to live with brown spots or uneven surfaces. Refinishing a sink in a rental property can also make that property look fresh and clean for a new tenant.

Sink refinishing is a quick, affordable way to preserve a beloved or trusted fixture in your home for many years to come. Whether you are trying to update your space within a tight budget, hoping to keep an heirloom around for another two decades, or eager to avoid throwing away a perfectly serviceable fixture because it has discolored over time, refinishing that fixture can be the perfect solution for your circumstances.

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Counter Top Refinishing: Money Saving Ideas

Contemporary White Kitchen

Updating the look of your home does not always have to involve expensive and time-consuming demolition and construction of your existing fixtures. If you have tile, laminate, or marble countertops that have seen better days, consider refinishing them instead of replacing them. Counter top refinishing can be completed for a fraction of the cost of replacement and refinished counter tops are ready to use much faster.

Counter top refinishing is a process whereby professionals come and remove scratches and other imperfections that have befallen your counters over time. They then apply a new layer of material to your counters. This layer can come in a variety of designs and can even be made to look like granite or other kinds of stone. Finally, a clear protective coating is generally applied to keep the new surface looking new for many years to come.

As a general rule, choosing to refinish your existing counter tops costs about half what it would cost to replace them. The refinishing process takes about a day and your counter tops are ready for you to use about two days after the process has been finished. Saving money by choosing to refinish your counter tops instead of replacing them can leave plenty of money to upgrade your appliances. A high-end refrigerator or a new oven can do wonders to modernize an older kitchen and can be a wiser investment than replacing your counter tops. Or, consider using the money you save on refinishing to update your kitchen lighting, replace your flooring, or perhaps just throw a dinner party for your friends and family.

Whether you are primarily motivated by saving money or saving time, counter top refinishing can be a great solution to your kitchen or bathroom remodeling needs. Knowing you have successfully updated the look of your home without spending a fortune will help you rest easy and enjoy your space even more than you already do, which is one of the things being a homeowner is all about.

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Reglazing Showers: Why You Should Consider it


Remodeling a bathroom can be a daunting task for a homeowner, and costs often add up quickly. One way to save both time and money is to consider reglazing your existing shower. Shower reglazing is a long-lasting, quick, and inexpensive way to make an existing shower look like new.

Reglazing a shower will cover up scratches and nicks. It will also eliminate any discolorations due to rust, dirt, and grime. An older shower, once reglazed, will be indistinguishable from a new product. Unlike installations, reglazing does not create significant mess and will not interrupt the use of a room for very long.

A quality reglazing job will significantly extend the life of a shower. Homeowners can expect a reglazed shower to last an additional 20 years with no maintenance. This is particularly appealing to people who hope to hold on to a property for many years and who are looking for a way to keep a bathroom looking fresh with little upkeep.

Reglazing showers is also a great value. Because it is quick and clean, it is far less expensive than demolishing an existing shower and then installing a brand new model. There is little to no chance that the plumbing and fixtures will be damaged, a risk with demolishing an existing unit that can add additional cost. Reglazing showers is a great option for rental properties and can freshen up a space quickly and effectively between tenants.

Choosing to reglaze an existing shower is also an environmentally friendly decision. By preserving an existing fixture, homeowners can rest easy knowing that they haven’t given up on a useful if unsightly part of their home.

Whether a homeowner is looking to save money, save time, or save the planet, reglazing your bathroom should be a serious consideration when it is time to update a bathroom. This simple technique can be exactly what is needed to bring one of the most important corners of a home back to life.

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Renovating Your Bathroom Tips


Accessories That Give the Bathroom Added Value

One of the most used areas of your home is the bathroom. It’s important that the bathroom looks nice, as this makes it a more relaxing, elegant place to be. When renovating your bathroom, there are several things you should consider.

Glass Counter Tops

Counter tops are important to consider, as they are what you get ready on in the morning or at night. Ones made out of glass are beneficial for several reasons. For one, they come in many different designs, from colored to transparent glass. Each style will be even more elegant once the lights are turned on, providing a dynamic effect. Featuring a non-porous surface, bacteria and germs will not be able to spread on the surface. This goes a long way in terms of keeping you and your family healthy. Even more, they are resistant to heat, which makes them easy to maintain over the years.

Infrared Faucets

When you go to wash your hands or brush your teeth, you have to turn on the faucet with your hands. This doesn’t ever have to be the case if you get infrared faucets installed. Featuring infrared sensors at the bottom, these faucets will immediately turn on when your hands get within a close range. As a result, brushing your teeth or washing your face doesn’t ever have to be difficult. When looking at faucets, it’s ideal to get ones with a chrome finish. This gives your bathroom a trendy, modern look that will liven up the bathroom.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors

In terms of the shower, frameless glass doors are ideal. They will open up the shower area, making it look bigger than it really is. A sliding door makes getting in and out of the shower easy. Thanks to tempered glass, these doors will not easily break or chip over the years. Also, seal-in technology prevents water from seeping through any cracks. In turn, you don’t have to worry as much about water damage. An important aspect of your home is the bathroom. If you are looking to renovate this area, making it look and function better, the accessories and designs above can be considered. Your bathroom will be transformed into a sophisticated area that you can be proud of.

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Counter Top Refinishing Will Update Your Kitchen’s Look


Having an elegant kitchen makes cooking and cleaning in this area more enjoyable. You can spice up the kitchen, giving it a new look, when you look into counter top refinishing. In order to give your kitchen a truly unique, fresh look, the style options below can be considered.

One of the most popular types of refinishing options is granite sheets. Real granite is combined with polymer resin to create these sheets. This design makes them cost-effective, so you don’t have to break the bank when updating the look of your kitchen. For this type of customization, it’s best to get help from a professional. This expert will measure your counter tops, and cut granite sheets to fit perfectly. Mortar and grout will be used to secure the sheets to your counter tops, so the chances of them coming up are not that high.

Another viable option is re-laminating. This option is the process of installing new laminate over the existing counter tops. The process requires specialized tools, so it’s best to get help from a professional. First, the professional will sand the existing surface until it’s completely smooth. After contact cement has been placed on the top surface, the professional secures a new sheet of laminate. Any air bubbles left over are removed with a rolling pin.

Ceramic tile refinishing is another great option because it comes in many different styles. It’s an extremely durable type of finish, so you don’t have to worry about repairing it over and over again in the future. These tiles are also non-porous, preventing bacteria from spreading on the surface. This goes a long way in keeping your family safe when in the kitchen.

The kitchen, one of the most used areas in your home, may look outdated. You can bring life back to this area, though, when you utilize counter top refinishing. The styles above for your new finish truly enhance the kitchen, and the job can be completed in a safe manner when you get it professionally done.

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Cost-Saving Benefits of Sink Refinishing

It can be frustrating to walk into your bathroom and see a sink that is chipped, old, and covered in dirt and grime that will not come out no matter how much it is scrubbed and cleaned. Having a fresh, new sink is what makes a bathroom look neat and tidy. It defeats the purpose of washing your hands if you feel like they are getting dirtier just by being near your old sink. Sink refinishing is the perfect solution for reviving a sink that is in need of repair beyond a good cleaning. This process is proven to provide lasting and beautiful results.

Refinishing your sink begins with the sink being cleaned with several different cleaners until it is sparkling. All broken chips and cracks are repaired before the reglazing process begins. Then a strong bond is created with coatings being etched into the surface. Two primer coats are then sprayed onto the surface and three coats of an acrylic enamel are added. The end result is a high gloss finish.

There are many benefits to sink refinishing. First, it can save money. Most people end up replacing their sink, rather than reglazing. By reglazing the sink, it could save up to 70 percent. When this is taken into consideration, along with the hassle of remodeling a bathroom, refinishing is a money-saving and sensible alternative to replacing an entire sink.

Traditional remodeling can also take several days or even weeks to complete and can inconvenience your family. With the bathroom and kitchen being some of the busiest rooms in the house, cutting off usage of those rooms to replace an entire sink is a costly, inconvenient hassle. Refinishing your sink will leave your fixtures like new and your home mess-free.

Another benefit to refinishing is that it is eco-friendly. Every sink that is refinished is one less fixture that ends up in a landfill. Reusing the same sink instead of replacing it is one small way people can protect the environment. Sink refinishing is less expensive, timely, environmentally friendly, and easy. Plus, it will leave your bathroom or kitchen feeling fresh and clean.

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Two Ways to Update Your Bathroom Design

Having a drab bathroom with outdated tiles, grimy sinks, and cracked bathtubs and showers can not only be an eyesore, it can decrease the value of your home. Taking a shower on a shower floor that is dirtier than you are defeats the purpose of showering. Likewise, no one wants to look at a chipped sink and old tiling that has not been updated or refinished since the house was originally built. After years of use, wear and tear, tiling and sinks can become messy beyond cleaning repair.

One way to update your bathroom design is to reglaze your sink, bathtub and shower. This is the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way to get rid of unsightly build-up that accumulates after daily use. When regular cleaning gets to the point that the grime cannot be removed, reglazing is the next best method. This is a process that involves cleaning out the cracks and crevices to remove uneven portions on the surface. It is then buffed and coats of primer and a top coat are applied evenly. Finally, a durable top coat is applied. This whole process takes around seven hours to complete and eliminates the hassle of having to shut down one of the busies rooms in your house to remove and replace an entire appliance.

Another way to update your bathroom design is through refinishing tile. Tile can quickly become out-dated and grimy from feet, shoes and other daily occurrences. Refinishing your tile can save you thousands of dollars and be completed in as quickly as one day, as compared to several weeks for a remodeling project. Many older homes have tiling that is beautiful but the colors are outdated. Refinishing the tile not only makes it look like new, but you can also change the tiling colors to fit your style and design.

Your bathroom design can easily be updated with a bit of reglazing and refinishing. Once that is in place, you can then focus on decorating your bathroom. After that, all that is needed is a quick, routine daily cleaning to keep your bathroom fresh and clean.

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Shower Reglazing: A Simple Solution

Taking a shower is supposed to be cleansing and effectively wash away all the grim and dirt from your long day at work. However, showering can make you feel dirtier when the tiling and interior are worn down, discolored, and dirty-looking. It defeats the purpose of taking a shower if you still feel dirty. Shower reglazing is the perfect solution for refinishing your shower until it sparkles and shines the way you want it to.

Reglazing your shower is a method many people opt to use to quickly get rid of unsightly build-up in their shower; often left behind from regular, everyday use. When routine cleanings of your shower do not get the job done, that is the first sign in knowing your shower needs to be reglazed. Sometimes the tiling may even become scuffed and cracked, an issue that can be easily fixed with reglazing.

Since most showers are built directly into the bathroom, removing it is a hassle, not to mention costly. Reglazing is a simple solution and will prevent you from having to remove the shower or spend unnecessary money. This process is quicker and is much simpler than a full replacement. The shower is first prepared by cleaning out the crevices and cracks and removing uneven portions by buffing the surface. A primer is then painted so that the top coat binds evenly to the surface. Lastly, a durable top coat is painted onto the finish. Generally the process takes around seven hours, much less time that replacing the shower altogether. As soon as the top coat is dry, which only takes about 48 hours, the shower is ready to use.

After reglazing, there is minimal upkeep required to ensure the shower stays clean and fresh in future years. All that is needed is a routine wiping down with a soap solution and wash cloth or brush. Abrasive cleaners are not recommended after reglazing since they may break down the coat. Reglazing is a fast and effective process that does not require much upkeep and has lasting results. After refinishing, you can clean yourself in a new-looking, fresh and clean shower.

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