Choosing Your Countertops

Choosing Your CountertopsWhen you are placing the finishing touches on a bathroom remodeling project, the types of a countertop that are used can really make or break the whole look. They are important aesthetically because of the large amount of space they occupy, and they are also crucial to the function of the room. The bathroom counter is used every day for all of the little rituals everyone performs, from brushing your teeth to doing your hair. Whether you are sprucing up an older bathroom or designing an entirely new one, refinishing can be the answer to your countertop questions.

The Life of a Countertop

Your bathroom countertop must be both pleasing to the eye, and tough enough to last comfortably in a bathroom for as long as it needs to. Refinishing a counter helps repair old flaws while giving the surface a whole new look. Through this process, you can replicate the look of many types of countertops and complete your dream bathroom. Add a finish that looks like natural stone and bring the subtle beauty of the outdoors to the indoors, or go for a smooth polished granite appearance. Just a change to the counters can update and improve the look of the whole bathroom. The refinishing process also gives the surface a durable coating to help it handle all the daily activity for years to come. Being able to customize a home in all of the areas that count is important to make a house one hundred percent yours.

When it comes to updating or completing your bathroom, this is a much more cost effective method than replacing the counters. It also gives you the opportunity to choose from all different types of countertops and find the perfect look for your bathroom. For an important project like this, do not leave it to DIY. Industry professionals can give you access to exclusive knowledge as well as quality tools and materials. The bathroom you have always wanted is now easier to attain than ever when you have so many options.


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Organizing a Remodeled Home

Organizing a Remodeled HomeIf you have recently had your bathroom or another part of your home remodeled, then you will definitely want to show off your new living area. But even a beautifully refinished bathtub, sink, countertop, or tile floor can be overwhelmed by clutter or poorly organized possessions. Here are some tips for how to organize your remodeled home so that your fixtures and décor can rally stand out.


In the bathroom, make sure that you have enough storage space for all your supplies. Nobody wants to get ready for the day surrounded by stray hair clips and various hygiene products, no matter how beautiful the sink may be. Putting everything away in a cabinet or set of drawers can work wonders for your bathroom and remodeled home. Within your cabinets and drawers, make sure that you store frequently-used items in the easiest-to-reach places, making it easier to put them away.


When it comes to the shower or bathtub, you do not want your nice new finish to be obscured by various shampoos, gels, soaps, and scrubs. Make sure that you have a shower caddy that works for the space, big enough to hold everything you need and small enough that it is not overwhelming. If there is not enough room, try reconsidering what you keep in there—do you really need five different types of conditioner?


Other parts of the house should be organized too. If you want to show off a newly refinished tile entryway, try adding cubby holes for shoe storage so that they do not get in the way. If you have kids, then handy hooks by the door will help prevent jackets and coats from getting thrown on the ground, covering your gorgeous flooring and remodeled home.


Finally, if you have recently refinished your countertops, do not let clutter prevent you from enjoying them. Make an effort to clear off your counters once a week or so, and make sure that you have designated places to put papers, dishes, small appliances, and other clutter-causing items. Organizing your home can be a little bit of work, but if you have recently remodeled or refinished, it is definitely worth it.


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Money Saving Remodel Tips

Money Saving Remodel TipsMany people dream of remodeling their houses, but a home makeover can be an expensive proposition. Luckily, there are a few ways to save money on remodeling without sacrificing the final product; check out some of the top remodel tips.

New Paint

First of all, never underestimate the power of a fresh new color. If you dislike the feeling of a room, adding a new window or replacing all the flooring might not be the answer; just give it a fresh coat of paint. This helps it feel new and exciting while camouflaging any previous stains or scratches. This is one of the simplest remodel tips because it is easy to do on your own, and it is not expensive to do.

Smart Refinishing

In a similar vein, you can have existing parts of your home refinished rather than replaced. Old bathtubs with a new coat of finish can look brand new, while saving you more than three-fourths the cost of replacing it entirely. You can also refinish:

  • Sinks
  • Showers
  • Countertops
  • Tiles

By using a brand new color, an identical restorative coating, or even a luxurious finish like faux granite, you can completely change the appearance of a room. The best part is that you can have this done quickly and without a complete re-installation.

Use What You Have

Be sure that you use the existing plumbing and electrical systems in your home. Ripping open your floors and walls to install drains and reroute wiring can be expensive and time-consuming. Simply replacing or refinishing the fixture can give you a fresh new style without breaking the bank

Know When to Spend

Finally, one of the last remodel tips is to be sure that you are spending money on what really matters, and saving money on what does not. A high-priced quality bathroom faucet that will last for several years is better in the long run than a series of cheap replacements. On the other hand, glass shower doors can cost thousands of dollars when a classy shower curtain would work just as well. Be sure to splurge on what really matters to you, like new carpet, while saving in other areas, like counter top refinishing. It becomes much easier to save money on a home remodel when you have your priorities straight.


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