5 Affordable Kitchen Design Tips

Whether you are a culinary savant or someone who likes to dabble in the kitchen, your cooking space can greatly affect your mood, abilities, and appetite. Here are five design tips for your kitchen that work great for any budget.


Storage Space

Having enough storage space inside of your kitchen is crucial. Without enough space to store all of your pots, pans, and cooking utensils, you are not going to spend much time inside of your kitchen out of sheer frustration. Adding cabinets and countertops can help to add more cooking and storage space for you to use to your advantage. These design tips will also provide you with more room to maneuver throughout the kitchen to minimize your risk of accident and injury.



Insufficient lighting can affect more than your ability to see what is going in your kitchen. Poor lighting can kill your creativity and appetite, making it harder for you to enjoy being in your kitchen. Install lights underneath your cabinets and overhead to enhance your ability to see.



Invest in energy efficient appliances that make cooking a more enjoyable task and less draining on your utility bills. If you want to add more space to a small kitchen, consider installing a wall oven, microwave, and countertop stove to make the area more efficient.



To keep the cost of renovations down, consider having your countertops refinished instead of replaced. Refinishing is much more affordable because it gives you the opportunity to have any damaged surfaces in your kitchen repaired. After they are repaired, you can choose to have them resurfaced with your choice of granite or stone to enhance the décor without sacrificing your budget. Refinishing and resurfacing countertops is a lot less time-consuming, resulting in minimum downtime for your kitchen.


Décor Color

Whether you are adding décor or simply having the walls repainted, choose a color that is calm, soothing and inspiring to give your kitchen a timeless and elegant appeal. Try to avoid dark and dramatic colors because they tend to be overwhelming. Also, try to avoid bright and distracting colors because they do not always mesh well with the overall scheme of the home, and they tend to become outdated quickly.


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4 Signs That It Is Time to Renovate Your Home

4 Signs That It Is Time to Renovate Your HomeWith all of the home renovation shows that are on television, you may be tempted to start a few projects around the home prematurely. Here are four common signs that signal that it is time for you to renovate your home.

Family Size

Whether you are expecting a new addition to the family or your children have moved away to school, you do not want to live in a home that is too large or small for your family size. If this is the case, it is time to renovate your home. Your family size plays a major role in the overall dynamics of your home. Renovating to accommodate your family size is a great way to keep your home up to date and enjoyable.

Inadequate Room Size

If you constantly feel cramped inside of your home, then it is time for you to make changes to its structure that will give you the space you desire. You should not resign yourself to living in a bedroom that only has space for a bed and dresser. Simply knocking out a few walls or re-configuring your living space can easily open up your home to give you more space, making it more habitable and enjoyable.

Too Much Clutter

Sometimes the amount of possessions you have are overwhelming to the amount of actual space you have inside of your home. If you need to add additional space, it’s time to renovate your home to make it easier for you to organize your possessions so that they do not clutter up your living space. Do some research and get creative with your renovation plans so that you can give your home some personality and enhance its functionality.

Repair Issues

As a homeowner, there will be times when you need to make repairs to your home to keep it functional and up to date. However, if your sinks keep leaking, or your bathtub does not appear as clean, pristine or white as you would like, it is time for you to consider renovation. Replace old tiles and sink and bathtub fixtures every few years to keep your sanctuary from becoming a source of frustration and a money pit.


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Tips for Successfully Preparing for Home Improvement Projects

Tips for Successfully Preparing for Home Improvement ProjectsFor many homeowners, participating in and finishing home improvement projects is rewarding, exciting, and adventurous. If the right steps are taken from the beginning of the process homeowners may feel more confident about making decisions, more excited about the process, and more pleased with the resulting outcome.

Budget Wisely

Begin by taking a close look at your budget. What funds do you have available? Do you have a list of projects that are awaiting your attention? Select as the most obligatory projects the ones that can be budgeted easily. Setting aside money from the start and planning your finances can help you to make good decisions regarding what materials to use, where to look for help, and how much you can comfortably spend.

Declutter the Space

Home improvement projects can be difficult to complete if you have to work around clutter or in a crowded space. If you plan to refinish your bathroom for example, consider getting rid of all of the stuff you don’t need that may be taking up space. Decluttering is an excellent way to help you see the areas that require the most attention and can provide you with more space to complete the project you have in mind.

Work Exclusively with Professionals

Professional refinishers have received extensive training, education, and experience and are well equipped to help you complete even the toughest projects including:

  • Counter tops
  • Bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Fiberglass
  • Tile
  • Sinks

They can provide you with suggestions for materials to use and steps to take to maintain the finished project. Additionally, they have all of the tools necessary to do the job correctly the first time. Their training and experience means you can be confident in their ability to perform high quality work that will increase the value of your home.


Home improvement projects can be exciting and rewarding when the right steps are taken in preparation. Remember to budget your money and declutter the space you want to transform. Then, enlist the help of qualified professionals to help you do the job.


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Professional Shower Refinishing: 3 Reasons to Transform Your Shower into a Paradise

Professional Shower Refinishing: 3 Reasons to Transform Your Shower into a ParadiseScrubbing showers and bathtubs is probably notorious for being the worst job of all. Showers that are older, have received extensive use, and are located in poorly ventilated spaces are often in dire need of professional shower refinishing. Fortunately, you can quickly transform this space into a paradise that is clean, refreshing, modern, and inviting with the help of expert refinishers. Here are three exciting reasons to invest in this home improvement project right now.

  1. It is Affordable

There is nothing quite like tackling a home improvement process. Successfully completing any project requires time, resources, and know-how. Bathroom remodeling in particular is incredibly expensive and can be time consuming as well. Professional shower refinishing is an excellent alternative that is equally as effective and nearly half the cost. With professional help, quality materials, and the right tools, you can give all of your bathrooms a refreshing look without depleting your savings.

  1. It is Easier to Clean

Many people find scrubbing showers to be difficult, especially if they must work around chipped calking, cracked tiles, or monotonous mold. Others may have no motivation to maintain a shower that isn’t clean and inviting. Refinishing transforms your shower into a fresh, clean space that will be much easier to maintain than before. Not only may you find more motivation to keep the area clean, but you can acquire suggestions from professionals regarding which cleaning solutions will work most effectively.

  1. It can Increase Home Value 

One of the top selling points of many homes is the bathrooms and their existing condition. Choosing to refinish your showers can provide a whole new look that is modernized and clean which could ultimately increase your home’s value should you ever desire to sell your property.


Professional shower refinishing is an excellent way to transform your bathrooms from old to new and from outdated to modern. This affordable option can effectively increase your home’s value and provide you and your family with a clean, updated, and refreshing paradise.