Countertype Tops and Resurfacing Options

Countertype Tops and Resurfacing OptionsFor homeowners looking to improve the appearance of their home countertops, resurfacing can provide an inexpensive alternative to full replacement that also saves time and allows for a wide range of options in the finished look. The first step in understanding your refinishing options, though, is assessing your countertop type.

Common Countertops

The following are the most common types of kitchen and bathroom countertop materials:

  • Laminate
  • Epoxy coated
  • Tile
  • Stone (granite, marble, etc.)
  • Butcher’s block

Laminate, epoxy coated, and tile countertops are all very flexible when it comes to resurfacing options. They can be sanded down and reglazed with a durable material that can be textured to provide a stone-like appeal, tiled, or re-laminated with a new material.

For more expensive countertop designs, like stone and butcher’s block counters, refinishing is usually done in a way that preserves the appeal of the materials while adding a new protective finish to help minimize damage and extend the life of the countertop.

Cost Savings of Resurfacing

Since they are built to last from heavy-duty materials and they often have to support substantial amounts of weight from kitchen appliances, counter surfaces are quite expensive to replace. Reglazing can provide a new look that is matched to other updates in the home while saving up to 75% off the cost of new countertops after installation. This provides you an opportunity to get an all-new look quickly, with minimal disruption to your day-to-day routine.

Finding a Provider

While there are DIY reglazing kits available, they offer a limited range of choices, and quality control can be an issue for people who are unfamiliar with the technical aspects of refinishing counters. That makes finding a reputable professional important, and the savings involved also make it quite affordable. If you are looking for someone to do your kitchen or bathroom counters, look for a local professional with a history of positive customer reviews who takes pride in their work. If they are showing it off on a website or social media feed, then you can get a good look at what they can do for your home.


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Home Reglazing: Why Have a Professional Do It

Home Reglazing | A1 ReglazingBathtub home reglazing is a great way to make an old bathroom look new again without needing to completely remodel. While it often has a sticker price that is close to the retail cost of a new tub model, the labor savings and other remodeling costs averted by the process can wind up making the final project price several times less expensive. It can be tempting to further increase your savings with home reglazing, but for this particular renovation, that is actually usually riskier and more costly than the alternative.

Materials and Handling

The main issue with home reglazing kits is that they often involve handling materials that require specialized knowledge to successfully apply. Many of these materials also have hazardous qualities, which makes ventilation important and usually requires the use of a respirator. For the home improvement hobbyist, this translates into a lot of risk for a project that might still need to be re-done.

Since bathtub reglazing is already several times less expensive than most replacements would be, it is advisable to let a properly trained and experienced professional approach this issue. They will be familiar with the materials, which means you will get a superior finish out of the end product, and their knowledge allows them to safely and efficiently navigate the resurfacing process.


A large part of the cost of any bathroom renovation is labor, but when it comes to resurfacing and the chemicals used, the labor rates are offset by the speed with which the improvement can be done. Part of the reason that tub replacements can balloon into projects that cost thousands is because removing a tub is costly and often requires substantial changes to the home.

Reglazing is much faster, and due to the materials, professionals try to complete each job as quickly as is feasible, to minimize their own exposure and ensure that everything sets up consistently. Finding a trusted professional is important, but in today’s market, it is easy to see work samples and find reviews of most companies. Finding one that takes pride in their work by showing off the results you would like to see is the key.


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Give Your Bathroom a Whole New Look

There are many subtle ways to change the way your bathroom looks. There is one simple way to drastically improve your space that you may not have considered. Bathroom reglazing is fantastic way to make your bathroom look just like new.

Bathtub, Sink and Shower

Refurbishing the largest and most noticeable items in your bathroom can drastically improve the look and feel of the whole space. By eliminating the wear and tear that has built up over the years, your bathroom will look spectacular. No matter what type of fixtures you have or what they are made of, having them refurbished is a wonderful and accessible choice. It gives new life and shine to your bathroom’s main fixtures.


Bathroom tile attracts a lot of unpleasantness. From left over soap, shampoo and conditioner, to stray hairs and mold, a lot of damage can be done to the finish of both the tiles and grout. Having your tile reglazed is a great way to improve the looks without paying for a total remodel. This is also great if you want to change the color of the tiles in your home. Now, there will be no need to remove and replace tiles which have a dated or faded color.


Countertops are sometimes the centerpiece of a bathroom. They see a lot of traffic over the years, which is why they can get worn out or damaged over time. Getting your countertops refurbished can drastically improve the way they look. They can even be redone to look like granite or stone. This means that you can have a countertop that look brand new, without having to endure a long and costly remodel. With reglazing, there is no easier way to make your home look like new.

Give yourself the gift of a stunning bathroom. With reglazing and refurbishing available on many of the items in your bathroom, have a like-new space has never been easier.


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Reglazing Vs. Remodeling: Which is Better for Your Home?

When it comes to redoing your bathroom or kitchen, there are two main avenues you could go down. You could choose to totally remodel your space or have your major fixtures reglazed. Both have their various advantages, so deciding usually comes down to the option that you like the most. What are the advantages of reglazing vs. remodeling.


Reglazing is a relatively unknown option in home restoration. Reglazing your bathroom or kitchen fixtures makes them look brand new in less time than it would take to replace them completely. The process of refurbishment sees the items sanded down to remove any damage or stains, then they are re-coated for a more beautiful and vibrant finish. This process can be performed on many items, such as tubs, showers, tile, counter tops, fiberglass elements and sinks. Counter tops can even be made to look like granite or stone. This process is often more cost effective and fast then a full replacement. This option gives your old features a new lease on life and makes you space look brand new with very little work or waiting on your part.


When most people want to change the look of their home, they go with a full remodel. This changes the complete look and feel of the space. A remodel means weeks to months of work and anample budget. Whether you are just replacing certain items or totally redesigning the whole area, the cost can be extreme. However, this does allow you the freedom to change everything you don’t like about a space in order to transform it into something you love. If you are looking to expand your space, or add new features, a remodel is a great choice.

Both reglazing and remodeling give your home and new look and feel. They can both be beneficial, so choosing between them comes down to preference and pricing. Choosing the best option for you home will give your space a new and impressive look, whichever way you go.


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