Top Three Reasons to Renovate Your Home

Top Three Reasons to Renovate Your HomeA home renovation is a great way to increase the comfort and beauty of your house while adding value to your property. Extensive remodels can be costly and inconvenient, however, and many people do not want to start a major project unless there is a compelling reason to do so. If you want to fix up your home, but you are not sure where to start, here are three situations when it makes sense to renovate.

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Fiberglass : The Benefits

When your fiberglass shower enclosure or bathtub starts to show distinct signs of wear, you might contemplate installing a replacement fixture. While new interior components seem attractive at first glance, there are certain drawbacks that should be noted. Fiberglass refinishing provides a convenient alternative which offers several benefits, from shorter duration of work to cost savings. Be sure to consider all of the facts before you proceed.

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Shoddy Shower: To Replace or Refinish?

Shoddy Shower: To Replace or Refinish?Your shower has delivered years of dedicated service, providing you with the perfect place to relax and enjoy the hot, soothing downpour. After extensive use, you have started to notice that the finish of your enclosure is not quite what it used to be. Is it time for to fully replace it, or can refinishing deliver the results you desire? The facts might surprise you.

Money Down the Drain

Cracks, dings, and holes can all compromise not only the appearance of your shower, but its viable lifespan as well. Leaky stalls can allow water to drip to vulnerable surfaces of your bathroom, creating opportunity for mold and mildew among other problem. To replace it might seem relatively affordable on the surface, but the price tag for the fixture itself is just the tip of the iceberg. Refinishing is a process which can restore just about any shower back to pristine condition while providing you substantial savings.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

Installation of a new shower stall or bathtub necessitates removal of your old fixture, which can include everything from removal of hardware and tile to actually cutting down large-sized components so that they fit out through your doorways. Since most such fixtures are installed during the construction of a home, the initial placement is much easier than subsequent removals unless the home is being completely remodeled.

By comparison, refinishing offers a much simpler process to undergo. Tubs and stalls are stripped down, patched, and then re-glazed to restore the finish to like-new condition in a matter of days. Often times, the work itself is a single-day project with an extra few days of waiting before the shower is ready to be used as normal.


When remodeling for a whole new look, replacing your bathroom fixtures and major hardware is probably your best bet. For everyday repair needs however, refinishing provides substantial benefits that stand to save you time and money. While do-it-yourself products are available to tackle the job, it is recommended that you contact a professional for best results.


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