Selling Your Home This Spring? 3 Bathroom Remodel Ideas for a Budget

3 Bathroom Remodel Ideas for a Budget | A1 ReglazingSpring is the time when many homeowners list their homes on the market. If you are thinking of selling this spring, now is the time to give your home a facelift. If you can’t afford a complete overhaul, don’t worry, there are some easy and cheap ways to improve your home’s appearance to maximize its appeal to potential buyers. One of those ways is with a bathroom remodel. Bathroom updates can be done very inexpensively and can make a big impact. Bathrooms are an area where people spend a lot of times in their homes. Buyers pay a lot of attention to whether the bathrooms have been updated. They want an appealing place to go for a warm soak in the tub after a long day at work. If you can’t afford a complete bathroom remodel, explore some of the best ways to update your bathroom’s interior for less below.

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Top Home Improvement Projects to Finish Over the Summer

Improvement Projects For This Summer | A1 ReglazingFor many families, the first heat wave of the year is a sign that it is time to start thinking about home renovations and upgrades. Here is a look at four improvement projects that will make your home more comfortable and eye-catching than ever.

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Giving Your Bathroom a Makeover at Minimal Cost

How to Have a Bathroom Makeover on a Budget | A1 ReglazingMany homeowners want to give their bathroom a “bathroom makeover”. This can make even the most drab and boring looking bathroom look like new. One of the reasons why so many people put off remodeling their bathroom is because of the costs. Getting new tiles and bathroom fixtures installed can quickly become costly. There is one way to save a lot of money on any bathroom makeover project: refinishing your existing bathroom furnishings instead of replacing them.
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Reglazing and Refinishing: Bathroom Restoration

Bathroom Restoration Options | A1 ReglazingReglazing is Economical

If your home’s bathroom is looking worn and tacky, then it is time to upgrade and complete a bathroom restoration project with professional reglazing. Reglazing is an economical way to improve the appearance of bathtubs, sinks and shower stalls. While renovating a bathroom with new plumbing fixtures can require a complete tear out of drywall, tiles and water pipes, refinishing is a quick process that requires less time. Reglazing is also a less expensive process than a complete remodel with new fixtures.
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How Tile Refinishing Provides Cost Effective Solutions for Renovations

How Refinishing Tiles Proves a Cost Effective Solution for Renovations | A1 ReglazingOne of the selling points of using ceramic tile over other building materials for floors, countertops, backsplashes and shower surrounds is its durability when properly installed. With the exception of the occasional cracked or chipped tile from extreme wear and tear, a ceramic tile floor can remain functional for decades. This unique benefit can make some home decor enthusiasts inwardly groan, however, when they think about the cost of pulling up old ceramic tile and replacing them just because the old tiles are dull, faded or just don’t fit the home’s color scheme anymore. If these home decorators are savvy enough to do their research, they will discover that a great alternative to tile replacement is refinishing. Refinishing provides cost effective solutions for both kitchens and bathrooms. Here’s what professional tile refinishers can do to breathe new life into outdated tile.

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How Refinishing a Shower Could Save You Money

How Refinishing a Shower Could Save You Money | A1 ReglazingIf the shower in a home’s bathroom is in bad condition with scratches or chips on its surface, then you can save money by having it reglazed by an expert technician. A new shower stall can cost thousands of dollars, and you must replace all of the other items attached to it, including the shower head and water pipes. While the item is replaced by plumbers, they will need to turn off a home’s water, making it impossible to live inside a home. However, a refinishing process requires only two to three days to complete and does not require a massive renovation process. These three reasons explain why refinishing a shower could save you more money than buying a whole new shower.

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Refinishing: Extend the Life of Your Sink

Bathroom Sink - How to Extend the Life - A1 ReglazingIf you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom, you might be wondering about what to do with your old bathroom sink. After many years of use, a bathroom sink can become stained or cracked. While many people may believe that the only solution is to take out the old sink and have a new one installed, there is another option available: sink refinishing. It is a process in which the signs of wear and tear on your sink are removed and it is made to look like new again.

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Revitalize Your Bathroom on a Budget

Revitalizing Your Bathroom On a Strict Bathroom Budget | A1 ReglazingIs your bathroom in need of a redesign, but you are short on cash and have a strict bathroom budget? It is important to have a bathroom that is functional and modern. Bathroom remodels can cost $10,000 or more. However, there are ways to remodel on much less. You don’t need to spend thousands to turn your bathroom into a modern, relaxing space. There are plenty of ways to redesign and renovate you’re bathroom on a budget. Read below for some amazing bathroom transformations that you can make on a tiny budget.

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