Updating the Bathroom: Why Reglazing is Worth Considering

Consider Reglazing When You're Updating the Bathroom | A1 ReglazingYour master bathroom isn’t exactly the inviting place that it was in years past. Everything still works fine, but you aren’t happy with the look. One approach is to rip everything out and start from scratch. Another way to go is to consider reglazing various surfaces and give them new life. Here are some of the reasons to consider this approach when you’re updating the bathroom.

You Can Change the Color

One of the things that many people don’t realize is that reglazing can be used to change the color scheme of the room. This is good news, since you really love your older clawfoot tub and hate the idea of having to replace it. The one thing that makes you pause is the pink finish on the tub. You can have it reglazed to a glossy white, a deep blue, or even go for a two-tone combination if you want to go with a black and white motif. When you’re done updating the bathroom, that older tub will look as if it recently graced a display at a local decorator shop.

You Can Transform the Shower Tiles

The color is not really the problem. In fact, the shower tiles are neutral enough that they allow you to use all sorts of different colors as the seasons pass. The only real problem is they have dulled a bit. Even when the shower stall is cleaned, it still looks a little worn out.

All it will take to transform the space is a simple shower reglazing. There won’t be any problem finding the right glaze to preserve the color you like. What the process will do is remove any residue lingering on the tiles and make them look as if they were just installed. Once the job is done and the glazing sets, you’ll be happily surprised at the quality of the results.

You Spend Less Money

There’s no doubt that refinishing different surfaces will save a lot of money when you’re updating the bathroom. Think of what it would take cost in terms of purchase, delivery, and arranging for a professional to connect those new fixtures. Compare that to having a pro come in and reglaze those same fixtures. There’s plenty of other things you could do with the money you save.

The Process Takes Less Time

Does the prospect of having the bathroom out of commission for a week seem less than appealing. If you opt for reglazing, a professional can have the job done in a matter of hours. In most cases, the glazing will need no more than 48 hours to finish setting. Two days of using the guest bathroom versus the master bathroom is something you can handle.

Whether you are tired of the look or if the look is just tired, it makes sense to consider what reglazing the tiles and other surfaces will do. Keep in mind that while you can purchase kits and try to do the job yourself, that is a difficult task for a novice to take on. Your best bet is to call a local professional and arrange for a quick inspection. Talk with the pro about what you have in mind and obtain a quote. When you see the final figure and learn how quickly the work can be completed, it’ll be easy to set a date and get ready to enjoy your rejuvenated bathroom.


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Micro-Budget Bathroom Make-Overs

How to Give Your House a Bathroom Make-over | A1 ReglazingBathrooms are small spaces that can have a big impact on a home’s perceived comfort and style. Dated bathrooms usually look dingy and uninviting to homeowners and potential home buyers. Even during tough economic times, there are many ways that homeowners can give their homes’ bathroom make-overs without breaking their budgets. The keys to a successful budget bathroom redesign are planning, research and some professional assistance. Here are some top strategies for refreshing a modern bathroom make-over.

#1 Opt For a Fresh Paint Job
Painting is a cost-effective, high-impact method of transforming bathrooms into uplifting spaces. Expert remodelers recommend neutral paint colors that can be easily enhanced by accessories of varied hues. While these expert designers consider pale blues, pinks and yellows as go-to neutrals for bathrooms, bolder remodelers might try darker neutrals like navy blue, red or charcoal gray to make their bathrooms more distinctive. Homeowners can save extra money by doing this task themselves if they research proper painting techniques and preparatory procedures before they begin the job.

#2 Don’t Remove Instead Renew
Many people imagine that their new bathrooms will include new tubs, showers and sinks. After all, it is probably bathrooms’ worn and dull furnishings and fixtures that inspire bathroom make-overs from the start. However, homeowners can save their remodeling dollars for other upgrades by having their fiberglass tubs and showers refinished instead of replaced. Reputable refinishers guarantee that they can restore these expensive bathroom fixtures such as tubs to their original luster through a reglazing process. As a result, homeowners get tubs and showers that look like new, and the reglazing process can cost them up to 75 percent less than the cost to replace the fixtures. Another benefit of using this remodeling option is that bath tub and shower refinishing can be done quickly and without the mess of removing major fixtures.

#3 Modernize Lighting
Almost nothing highlights a drab bathroom like inadequate or outmoded lighting. Experts designers recommend investing in classic pendant lights that hang from the ceiling, recessed lights that are mounted under bathroom cabinetry and well-placed wall sconces. Many discount lighting and hardware retailers that can be found locally and online have great selections at reasonable prices. Thriftier remodelers may find ways of modernizing older sconces with paint.

#4 Upcycle Bathroom Furnishings and Accessories
Recently, interior designers have gotten creative with the types of sinks that they place within homes. These sinks can reflect an owner’s particular personality or a custom design theme. A popular alternative to simplistically elegant, pedestal sinks are bathroom vanities that are anchored by antique-looking dressers (1). While buying ready-made sinks like this from retailers can be costly, frugal remodelers can find dressers at thrift stores that can be used to recreate this look to give your home a bathroom make-over. A knowledgeable remodeler can strip, paint and modify an old dresser that is in good condition so that a new or refinished sink can be attached to the furniture. Fixtures such as cabinet hardware and faucets can also be upcycled.

#5 Add Radiant Heating Elements
When it comes to pulling off a bathroom remodeling job, many homeowners want to include some upscale amenities. A relatively inexpensive bathroom feature that adds comfort and value is radiant-heat flooring (2). If a homeowner is already planning to put down tile flooring in their bathroom, many remodeling experts recommend installing a radiant-heat floor system underneath the tiles so that bathroom users can avoid the uncomfortably cold feeling that is associated with otherwise beautiful tile flooring.


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Easy Ways to Enhance the Look of Your Pool Area

Pool Updates: Enhance the Look of Your Pool Area | A1 ReglazingIf you have an in-ground pool, you know that the area can be perfect for spending time relaxing on a lazy summer afternoon. It is also the perfect setting for throwing a fun summer bash. If the area is not very pleasing to the eye, however, you may not be tempted to spend much time enjoying your pool. There are lots of easy, simple ways to spruce up your pool area without spending a lot of money. Create a relaxing backyard oasis with these simple ideas.

Add Some Entertainment

Backyard swimming pools provide hours of entertainment for summer pool parties. Why not add more fun with an outdoor entertainment system? Outfit your pool area with an all-weather television so that you can catch your favorite television shows even on bright, summer days. Outdoor televisions are designed for permanent outdoor use and can withstand the elements. Speaker systems specially designed for outdoor use can also be strategically placed around your pool area for the ultimate audio experience. They can be hidden into the landscaping so that they are not visible. You can even install inexpensive wireless underwater speakers right in your swimming pool for the ultimate music experience during your next pool party.

Light up Your Pool

Add some lighting around your pool area to create a dramatic effect. Lights can be used to create whatever kind of ambiance you want, whether it is romantic or festive. You can use lighting to spotlight your landscaping, as well as create dramatic reflections on the water. In addition to improving the aesthetics of your pool area, lighting can also make the pool area safer. Pool lighting can help your guests see the pool so no one accidentally falls in at night. It can also deter animals from taking a swim in your pool.

Make Your Pool Slide More Thrilling

A swimming pool slide can offer lots of fun for kids and adults alike. The problem is that, over time, pool slides wear out. Rather than replacing your pool slide, why not have it refinished? Pool slide refinishing is a cost-effective way of making your old slide look brand new. How do you know if it is time for your pool slide to be refinished? Maybe swimsuits are getting snagged as your kids slide down or the slide no longer offers a fast, thrilling ride. Either of these scenarios means that it is time to refinish your slide. It is best to hire a professional refinishing company to tackle this job. It is an easy job for a professional re-glazing company to complete, but can be quite a hassle for a homeowner to tackle this job on their own.

Add Cool Water Features

There are a number of cool water features that can greatly improve the look of your pool area. Here are a few of the best water features for your pool area:

  • Waterfalls-Waterfalls lend a soothing ambiance to your pool area, as well as create a spectacular visual.
  • Splash Pads-A splash pad is a wonderful accompaniment to a swimming pool. These give the little ones a fun, safe place of their own to play.
  • Deck and Water Jets-With deck jets, you can create an impressive water show right in your own backyard. Deck jets can be used to form glistening streams of water from a patio or deck right into your pool.
  • Fountains-fountains can turn an ordinary swimming pool area into something beautiful.

Any of the above ideas can help turn your swimming pool area into a fun, interesting place for you and your friends and family to enjoy over the summer.


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