Home Remodeling: Create a Vintage Bathroom on a Budget

How to Create a Vintage Bathroom | A1 ReglazingThese ideas will help you have a luxurious, vintage bathroom at a cost that will not break the bank.

Whether you are installing a new bathroom or updating your old one, pay tribute to the past with a one-of-a-kind vintage bathroom. By scouring garage sales, flea markets and thrift stores, you can inexpensively transform just about any bathroom into a charming, nostalgic space. Add vintage appeal and give your bathroom a vintage look for less with these ideas.

Vintage Vanity Mirror

A Victorian or Venetian-style mirror is a great choice for a vintage bathroom. It helps you add in old-style finishes and forms to your bathroom.

Antique-Style Faucets

Bring a bygone spirit to your bathroom with gold-finish or antique-looking faucets. Second-hand stores, salvage yards and specialty retailers are great places to search for vintage or reproduction faucets and other fixtures.

Retro Chandelier

A metal or other retro-style chandelier helps gives any bathroom the feel of a different era. Combining a small crystal chandelier with a clawfoot tub and an antique is a great look for a antique-style bathroom. Although a chandelier looks great hanging right above a clawfoot tub, make sure that you follow building codes in your area before installing any lights in the bathroom. Usually there are rules about how far away a lighting fixture must be from a tub.

Antique Cupboard

Add both function and style to a vintage bathroom with an antique cupboard. Use it to store your toilet paper, towels and toiletries. Find an old-style cupboard at a yard sale or bring new purpose to a cupboard by distressing it.

Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks look great in retro bathrooms and they are available in all sizes and shapes. Choose one that has a vintage look.

Light Blue Walls

When it comes to a creating a vintage bathroom, a great place to start is with the walls. Repainting your bathroom walls is an easy, inexpensive weekend job. Choose a timeless light blue for the classic vintage bathroom. Crisp white is a great color for accent pieces and trim.

Distressed Bathroom Vanity

Repurpose an old, beat-up vanity by giving it a distressed look. This technique gives furniture the character and charm of an antique look. Distressing is an easy weekend job for most DIYers.

Vintage Accessories

Scour flea markets and thrift shops to find old styling accessories and hairbrushes for your vintage bathroom. You can display these on vintage trays or on a vintage cupboard.

Clawfoot Tub

Clawfoot tubs are ideal for a vintage-style bathrooms. These luxurious baths have been around for hundreds of years and are now starting to make a comeback. These statement tubs provide a strong focal point in a bathroom. Clawfoot tubs are also deeper than regular bathtubs, which makes them perfect for a relaxing escape after a hard day at work.

Salvaged clawfoot tubs can be found for as low as $35. Once you find one, even if it is not in the best shape, have it professionally refinished to look brand new. A professional refinish is economical and can be completed in as little as a day or two. Refinishing a tub is a specialized job that is best left to the pros.


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How Do You Know It’s Time to Refinish the Shower?

How to Tell When It's Time to Refinish the Shower | A1 RegalzingOverall, the bathroom is in good shape. You’re happy with the size and layout, the fixtures still look as good as they did when they were first installed, and the floor tile has held up well. One area you’re not crazy about is the shower stall. While it’s behind the curtain most of the time, investing in the time to refinish the shower may be a good idea. Here are a few signs that it wouldn’t hurt to have an expert take a look.

The Tiles are Dull Even After Cleaning

The shower tiles used to have a slight sheen after they were cleaned. These days, the best you can hope for are surfaces that are obviously free of any type of soap scum. While the shower walls don’t really look dirty, they don’t look as fresh and clean as you would like. Instead of ripping out the tiles and installing new ones, consider having a professional refinish the shower. That nice sheen you enjoyed so much will be back, and the space will look fresh every time you clean.

A Few Marks Here and There

Over the years, the tiles have sustained some slight cosmetic damage. There’s nothing bad enough to interfere with the function, or allow water to leak into the walls behind the tile. It just makes the shower look bad.

Did you know that refinishing can fill in those tiny cracks and make the scratches less visible? After the job is done, it’ll be hard to tell where those imperfections were just a day or two ago.

The Color is Dated

You liked that sage green shower tile for a number of years, but it doesn’t do much for you now. Instead of assuming you’re stuck with it, talk with a pro about using a refinishing method that will alter the color. It’s not as hard as you think to refinish the shower and have gleaming white instead of the dated green.

You Need Access to the Shower

Shower refinishing takes a fraction of the time that a complete shower renovation requires. That’s good news, since trying to get by without a shower for more than a day or so can be difficult. Even if you have a second bathroom, coordinating a shower schedule with the rest of the family can be difficult. Opting for the refinishing means less disruption of the household routine, and minimizes the potential for more chaos first thing in the morning.

Replacing the Tile is Out of the Question

Even if you were in the mood to have the shower tile ripped out and replaced with new product, there’s not enough money in the bank to cover the cost. Since you don’t want to borrow the money and add one more line item to the household budget, why not see what refinishing will do? In many cases, this technique will eliminate any issue you have and the cost will be a fraction of replacing that older tile.

Don’t assume there is nothing you can do to restore the look of an older shower stall. There’s plenty of ways to manage the task without having to go through the mess of replacing the tile or shouldering an expense that makes it necessary to eat macaroni and cheese four nights a week. Talk with a local professional about what it would take to refinish those older shower tiles. Once you know more about the process, what it will do, and how long it will take, your decision will be easy to make.


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Nine Great Ways to Improve Your Yard for Summer Gatherings

Nine Great Ways to Improve Your Yard for Summer GatheringsSummer is here, and it’s that wonderful time of the year when you can expect to spend a lot of fun time outside in your yard. Whether you get the entire neighborhood together for a backyard barbecue or allow the children to invite their friends over for an afternoon of swimming, you’ll want your outdoor space to look its very best. Here are just a few great ways that you can spruce up and improve your yard for excellent summer entertaining.

1. Colorful Cushions: Your outdoor furniture can be greatly enhanced by the addition of new, colorful cushions. Look for fun summer designs and the brightest colors to add a little pizzazz to the outdoors.

2. Improve the Look of Your Pool Slide: A nice pool with a slide is an excellent addition to your yard, but those fiberglass slides can start looking a little tacky as the years go by. Fortunately, you can have your slide professionally refinished, and it will look bright, shiny and new once again.

3. Fun Pool Toys: In addition to swimming, there are an amazing number of toys that can enhance your pool time. Big, bright beach balls and flotation devices in animal shapes are fun for young children, and you can set up water volleyball and basketball for your teenagers. Diving games with fun prizes are fun for every age group.

4. Summer Landscaping: There are many things that you can do to turn your backyard into a summer wonderland. Bright, beautiful flowers placed throughout the yard are always a nice touch. You may also consider adding a lawn pond that is complete with large, gorgeous goldfish. Put out some nice paving stones that lead to it, and make sure a comfortable bench awaits visitors next to the pond.

5. Attract Wildlife: Your yard can only be made more beautiful by the presence of nature’s creatures. Bird feeders, houses and baths will bring a variety of lovely birds into your view, and you can put out feeders for squirrels as well if you have trees that are large enough for them to climb. Talk to your local lawn and garden center about items to put out to attract butterflies, hummingbirds and other area favorites.

6. Add a Fire Pit: There’s no reason that you can’t improve your yard to enjoy it at night as well. With the addition of a fire pit, you can spend your evenings around the fire roasting marshmallows and enjoying the company of each other.

7. Create a Tiki Bar Next to the Pool: Kits are available at stores such as Home Depot, and your guests are sure to be delighted with this whimsical item. Offer up some creative, tropical drinks from behind the bar, and both children and adults can stay hydrated in style.

8. Introduce Extra Lighting: Use string lights around your patio, and line your backyard walkways with solar lights. If you have large plants in your yard, then you can also use glow-in-the-dark spray paint for the planters to add light to the night.

9. Get Artsy With Your Patio Tiles: If your patio is made up of tiles, then it’s time to channel your inner artist. Paint each tile a different color, or you might like to paint some colorful designs.


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