Refinishing Fiberglass: Why You Should Consider It

Refinishing Fiberglass Fixtures in Your Bathroom | A1 ReglazingYour only real complaint about the bathroom is how dull and worn the tub and shower enclosure look. One approach is to rip out the bathing area and have something new installed. Another way to go is to talk with an expert about refinishing fiberglass appliances. Here are some of the reasons why choosing the latter approach is worth considering.
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On a Budget? Cool Ideas to Transform Your Old Bathroom Into a Fresh New Space

Renovating a Bathroom on a Budget | A1 Reglazing

Turn your old bathroom into a modern, interesting space with these tips.

Has your bathroom walls turned yellow with age? Do you have old pink wallpaper that is from the 1970s? If so, then it is time to give your bathroom a facelift. Nobody likes a house with an outdated bathroom. Unfortunately, bathroom renovations can run into thousands of dollars. Maybe this is your first home and you do not have a lot of money to spend or you are trying to save up so that you can pay down credit card debt. The good news is that you can completely transform a drab bathroom without breaking the bank and going over your budget. Just a few important but relatively inexpensive updates can make a dramatic difference.

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