Pool Refinishing Among 6 Winter Pool Care Tips

Pool Slide Refinishing Among 6 Winter Pool Care Tips | A1 ReglazingAn in ground pool offers hours of fun, excitement and adds value to your home. No matter if you live in a locale that is sunny year-round or get tons of snow each winter, pool maintenance is very important throughout the entire year. From pool slide refinishing to chemical treatments, taking care of your pool in the winter can make it easier to open come spring time. It can also help prevent damage due to freezing temperatures. Warm or cold climate, here are some things that you can do in the winter to help protect your pool and ways that you can prepare it for next summer.

Winterize your pool

If you live in a cold climate, chemically treat your pool and install a protective cover on it. The exact process will depend on your specific pool and the type of cover that is installed. Make sure that the cover that you use has a lockable cover for safety. In addition, remember to hose off the pool cover regularly throughout the winter to keep leaves and other debris off of it.

If you live in a warmer climate and plan to leave your pool open all winter, keep your pool clean and decontaminated to prevent health risks when it is warm enough to swim again.

Add an Algaecide

Algae are tiny microscopic plants that invade your pool. Left unchecked, algae will cause low water circulation and clogged filters. Therefore, add a product that will work to prevent algae throughout the winter. Look for an algaecide that is long-acting. This will help to ensure that your pool is sparkling clear come spring time.

Prevent Your Pipes and Motorized Parts from Freezing

As winter temperatures drop, water freezes. When it freezes, it expands with enough force to split garden hoses and even break up highways. Excess water that freezes in your pipes may cause them to crack. This adds significant costs to pool maintenance. Therefore, every winter, drain the water approximately six inches below the skimmer. Also, drain the water from your pool heater, filter and pump.

Pool Refinishing and Maintaining Other Pool Accessories

Remove all accessories from your pool before you close it for the winter. This includes skimmer baskets, slides, diving boards and any other accessories. Replace any accessories that are broken or in poor shape. Harsh pool chemicals and sunlight can cause the finish on your pool slide to discolor over time. Standing water can also damage the finish. Not only can this cause your slide to look unsightly, but it may also contribute to wear and tear. When the original coating wears away, the slide will be rough. Winter is the perfect time for pool refinishing. This is a cost-effective way of giving the slide a new look.

Discard Old Pool Chemicals

Winter is also a good time to clean out your pool storage shed. Get rid of all the pool chemicals that you used this season. Chemicals do not stay good long and should not be stored for multiple seasons. Therefore, dispose of old chemicals. Never throw them in the trash. Rather, ask your local pool supply store where you can dispose of them. Then, replace all chemicals at the beginning of the season.