Trending Ideas for Your Reglazing Tile Project

Tile Reglazing | A1 ReglazingDo you have an old, outdated bathroom with tile that’s chipped, cracked, and damaged? A clawfoot tub that’s an eyesore and you are considering removing it? Is the tile in your kitchen or bathroom the wrong color for your taste (a pink bathtub that screams 1956)? Or maybe the trough-style sink in your kitchen is looking more ugly than interesting?

You can fix problems with old tile, sinks, and bathtubs as well as update your home to reflect your style and new home decorating trends by reglazing tile. Many homebuyers are choosing tile reglazing as an option because it is both economical and results in a home that looks new and updated.

3 Reasons to Choose Reglazing Tile

When you want to update, but aren’t sure what option is best, it helps to consider the reasons behind why reglazing tile is a sensible option.

  1. Reglazing tile saves time. A standard size bathtub, in reasonable condition, takes only 3 to 5 hours to reglaze (resurface). The tub will typically be ready to use within 24 hours, or even sooner depending on weather conditions and in-home environment. In many cases, tubs can be ready for use by the end of the same day the reglazing is applied.
  1. You can save money. Reglazing can save you up to 75% over replacement costs.
  1. Reglazing increases the resale value of your home. You get the most bang for your buck when you reglaze as opposed to replacing everything, and it also increases your home’s value.

For Style and Resale Value, Stay Current with Trends in Home Décor

Once you’ve chosen reglazing as the best option for you and have found a reputable contractor, you are ready for the fun part. Get creative with new trends and styles in home décor that will add maximum value to your home and result in years of enjoyment after your remodel is complete. The prediction for 2017 is that it will be marked by a continued return to the organic and natural with design that is practical and simple. Colors will be super clean with elements from nature to cozy up the space with elegance.

Save Clawfoot TubsClawfoot Tubs | A1 Reglazing

Soaking tubs are popular in bathroom design this year, so if you’ve got a home with clawfoot tubs that has fallen into disrepair, reglazing is the perfect option to update your bathroom while staying on trend. You’ll also save money over replacing it, so it’s win-win if you’ve got a clawfoot tub.

Trough Sinks: What’s Old is New Again

Did your fixer-upper come with a trough sink? Modern Farmhouse Décor is trending this year, and designers are combining old elements with modern touches. What new homebuyers are looking for are spaces that are nostalgic and comfortable yet incorporate modern amenities. By reglazing a trough sink instead of opting for a replacement that lacks character, your space will instantly transform to fresh and hip.

Go Neutral with Tile Color

Whether your home is your “forever home” or you are planning to sell at some point, you’ll be wise to consider neutral colors for your tile. The most popular (and classic) is a crisp, clean white.

Light colors are the most popular for tile, and they tend to stay looking cleaner than dark tiles that show spots. There are a variety of options in grey, beige, and cream/white. The current color trend in home decor is a blend of both grey and beige called greige,. Greige combines the earthiness of beige with the airiness of grey.

Choose Trending Paint Colors in Soothing Neutrals

Painting with soothing neutrals will make your spaces more restful and peaceful. Choosing a neutral color for your walls adds a softening element to your décor and complements many styles of home décor.

If you are planning to sell your home, choosing a neutral paint color allows potential homebuyers to envision the space as their own. They will only need  to re-paint the walls to change the look of the décor.

Benjamin Moore’s 2017 Color of the Year, Shadow, helps create the current trend toward neutral spaces. Shadow is a dark neutral grey with purple undertones that will provide the dark background to spotlight light-colored bathtubs, sinks, or tiles that have been reglazed.

Add Natural Elements to Create a Clean, Organic Vibe

The trend in home makeovers to go with a clean, natural, organic look is expected to continue. There is a reason why soft neutrals and whites are popular in home renovation. Soft neutrals and whites make the space seem larger and airy, which bumps up resale value by attracting more buyers. It’s also great for your own enjoyment because white and neutrals create a welcoming space to relax and unwind.

Consider incorporating wood or wood-like products into the rest of your space. The warmth of the wood balances the cool hard surface of tile. There are many ways you can incorporate wood, starting with floors—but there are also options in light fixtures and bath accessories.

Bring the Outdoors Inside with Plants

Another bathroom addition to consider when decorating after your reglazing is bringing in plants. If you have windows in your space, you can add real plants that not only bring in a natural element, but clean the air as well.

In a space with poor light or if you lack the time to care for real plants, there are many options for artificial plants that look very real and create an organic vibe.

Focus on Lighting

To create the soft, relaxed, soothing feeling that is both enjoyable to homeowners and appealing to buyers, look at different types of lighting and how they affect the environment in your space. Sconces, recessed lighting, as well as chandeliers can have a tremendous impact on how your home looks and feels.

Are you feeling inspired and ready to transform and update your space by hiring a contractor to begin a reglazing project? Remember when choosing a reglazing company that not all companies are created equal. Make sure to ask plenty of questions and select a reglazing company with happy customers and plenty of experience. An experienced professional will help you to accomplish your vision for your project—you can expect a more comfortable home with increased resale value.