Spring Projects to Brighten Your Home

Spring Projects | A1 Reglazing

After a long winter, who isn’t excited for Spring? Sunshine, flowers starting to bloom, longer days…the feeling of Spring is so energizing and gets you in the mood to start moving, clearing the dust, and bringing some freshness to your environment.  Starting some spring projects to celebrate the season of renewal gives you a lighter outlook on life—a quick uplift to your spirit.

Where should you start? Anywhere is good—the spirit of Spring is the magic of change. Move things around, clean, and add some color or beauty to different spaces in your home. Here are some ideas for spring projects, and how to get inspired by brightness and lightness. Do one spring project, or do them all, they will give your Winter bones a boost of Spring energy and get your home ready to welcome warmer weather.

Open the Windows and Welcome the Breeze

The simplest place to start your Spring projects and to create a home that feels brighter and lighter is in the air. A warm Spring breeze nourishes the soul when you’re feeling worn out from the colder, harsher days of Winter.

On days when the temps start to rise, go around the house and open the windows to remove the stale winter air. If you’ve removed your exterior screens for the winter, put those back into your windows. Check for any screens that are damaged and need repair, and fix or replace those.

Say Hello to Clean

Cleaning your windows is another Spring home improvement project that will give you a clearer view to see the return of grass and flowers in your yard. Depending on how many windows you have and what type, you can DIY washing your windows, or hire a service that specializes in window cleaning.

While you’re at it, make sure to check your gutters and clean those out as well. There’s also those once-a-year cleaning jobs we all love (after they’re done) like cleaning behind and under the couch, washing the woodwork, and scrubbing and restoring your old showers and bathtubs. Once you’re done, your space feels lighter, freer, and airier than ever.

Fire Up for A New Season

With the season of sitting by the fireplace coming to an end, Spring is the time to clean out your fireplace. Remove the ashes and wash the hearth. Take the kindling and logs outside near your outdoor fire pit, so you are ready to move your gatherings outdoors and sit with friends around the fire.

If you have a pool, clean out all the leaves and dirt from the pool, and refinish the pool if you need to.

While you are outside, grab a broom and sweep off your patio and get your furniture out of storage. Clean the dirt and cobwebs off the tables and chairs. Want to freshen up their look? Find some new colorful cushions to adorn your chairs.

To add another layer of Spring color to your home, and knock out two Spring projects at once, look for a floral wreath to add to your front door. Consider adding window boxes to the front of your house to boost up your home’s curb appeal. Planters for your front porch are another eye-catching pop of color to improve the look of your entrance.

Prepare the Way for Warmer Weather

One way to “spring forward” into a new season is to clear out your cold weather wear that tends to accumulate near the front door. Pack up your heavy winter coats, hats, gloves and snow boots and box them up for the next season. Clear out old or unused items to pitch or donate.

Spring weather may be warmer, but is often wetter and unpredictable. Take stock of your inventory of jackets and rain boots to see if your family is prepared for rainy days and chilly evenings as the season changes.

While you are freshening up the entryway or mudroom in your home, bring in some Spring color with a framed picture of flowers or a vase with some fresh-cut blooms.

Plant Some Life in Your Home

In Spring, the grass is green, the flowers are blooming, and the landscape is lush with plants. You can bring the spirit of Spring inside with houseplants to accessorize your rooms. All the greenery will create instant Spring in your home. Look in local nurseries and home improvement stores for plants to boost the beauty and clean the air—an easy and natural decoration for Spring.

If you like to cook and want to incorporate fresh ingredients in light Spring dishes, try creating your own indoor Tabletop Herb Garden using an old pallet. This is one of our favorite Spring projects because not only does it add beauty and comfort to your home, but it’s usable as well! Next time you make guacamole, you can grab some of your own homegrown cilantro to spice it up!

Paint on a Coat of Freshness

Say Goodbye to dull walls and woodwork and take your home to a new level of bright by heading down to the hardware store and grabbing a new palette of Spring colors for your walls. Find inspiration in nature by looking to the garden for color ideas. A pop of floral color on an accent wall gives your home a look that says, “Hello, Spring!”.

Another way to bring a fresh clean feeling to your Spring projects and décor is to touch up your white woodwork. It’s amazing how dull and dirty woodwork around windows and floors can get—a little paint will make the room feel lighter and airier.

If you want to go bold with paint, but aren’t sure about painting a whole room or an accent wall, try painting a piece of furniture in a cheerful color. Inexpensive tables, dressers, and bookshelves are easy to find at Ikea, consignment stories, or stashed away in your Mom’s attic. Don’t be afraid to try a unique color that will create a focal point for your room.

Accessorize in the Spirit of Spring

Accessorize for Spring | A1 Reglazing

It’s easy to create a home that feels as fresh and new as Spring by searching for accessories that are green, flowery, and bright. Swap out your dish towels, bathroom hand towels, shower curtains, and throw rugs for new ones that give your home a brighter, lighter look.

Don’t forget about the power of pillows to add some zest to your Spring décor. On your bed, resting on an armchair, a bench, or a sofa, pillows in an intense shade or floral pattern can pop some Spring interest into your home.

Whether you do one, or all of these spring projects, you’ll embrace the warm weather and brighten your home! Are you doing any home improvement projects this Spring? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below! Tell us your ideas for how to make your home feel brighter and fresher.