Simple Bathroom Updates To Give Your House a New Look

Simple Bathroom Updates | A1 Reglazing

There’s nothing more satisfying than taking a house, an apartment, or a townhouse and making it your own. Putting your own touches on the place you’re living – whether you’re renting or own it – takes a place from a dwelling and helps it become a home. Some of the easiest and budget-friendly renovation options are through bathroom updates.

When your funds are finite, but you want to spruce up your bathroom, or even add value to it, what can you do? Most people start with kitchen and bathroom renovations. Kitchen and bathroom updates often yield the greatest return when you sell your home (if you think that someday you will sell). They also increase the value of your home by the most significant margin, which can be important for refinancing or obtaining home equity loans.

So what can you do to renew your bathroom on a budget? Here are some simple upgrades that are easy and inexpensive and will give your bathroom a fresh, spa-like feeling.

Paint Your Bathroom a Cool, Modern Color

One of the easiest and least expensive bathroom updates is to simply paint the space.  Choosing a cool, modern color – either a neutral, like gray or taupe, or something bolder like teal or purple can radically transform the area. And painting is also cost-effective. You can conceivably paint a bathroom for around $100, especially if you do it yourself. Wait for your local hardware store or paint store to run a sale and snag the paint color you want at a discount. The new color will brighten and liven up the space without breaking your bank account.

Update Your Finishes (faucet, towel bar, etc)

Another easy and cost-effective update to your bathroom is to update your finishes. Replace outdated or plain towel bars, faucets, showerheads, and even bathroom decorations like soap pumps and toothbrush holders. Shop sales and reclamation stores, taking your time until you can find the pieces and decor you want at a price that fits your budget. Because placing a towel bar and replacing the faucet are fairly simple, straightforward tasks, you can do these projects yourself or with a friend, saving yourself the cost of labor.

Add Some Storage

Bathroom Storage | A1 Reglazing

The easiest way to make your bathroom look bigger is to declutter and open up some free countertop and ambient space. And the best way to do that is by adding storage. Whether it’s a mall over-the-toilet cabinet, a vintage towel rack, or some reclaimed wood shelving, adding storage will give your bathroom organization and flair.  And because most shelving and small cabinetry comes with easy-to-follow instructions, you can assemble and mount them yourself. Check out stores like Target, Wal-Mart, or At Home for quick and easy inexpensive (but still stylish) DIY storage options.

Add Some Drama

While it may be wise to keep the more permanent parts of your bathroom timeless (tiling, bathtubs, showers, and vanities), you can easily add flair and drama by updating your bathroom with big feature pieces like an au courant mirror. A mirror is easy to hang and easy to procure, and – most importantly – easy to change in the future if you no longer like the style. You can even take a fairly plain and simple plate glass wall mirror and add some flair by creating a DIY mirror frame, which is even more inexpensive and requires no mirror removal or demo to add style. Similarly, you can update the lighting in your bathroom to add some modern flair with an easy switch-out that won’t break the bank and can be easily changed in the future.

Reglaze Your Bathtub or Shower Surround

If you’d really like to add a spa-like atmosphere or upgrade your bathroom in a more lasting way, you can consider tiling your tub or shower surround. As one of the more drastic bathroom updates, tub or shower reglazing adds an upscale feel to the space. This can be very attractive to future buyers, if you’re ever thinking of selling your home. Reglazing tile can be done on your own, or you can hire a contractor or handyman to complete it for you.

If you currently do not have tile, it’s worth tiling. If you choose to DIY, make sure you visit your local hardware store, or a chain store like Lowe’s or Home Depot, where they may offer free classes to teach skills like grouting and tiling. Tiling on your own is a more intensive and time-consuming process than some other DIY projects, but it can save you a lot of money while simultaneously adding much value to your home.

Replace the Countertops

Similar in its difficulty to tiling or reglazing, changing out the countertops can pack a punch in a low-budget bathroom update. You can find reclaimed pieces, returned or scrap pieces, or sale materials to keep the cost low. You may need help in installing a countertop on your own, but a countertop can lighten and freshen the look of your bathroom and make it more modern. Because most vanity countertops are not large, you can spring for upscale materials, like marble, quartz, or granite, without having to worry about a hefty bill – even if you pay full price.


One of the easiest bathroom updates is simply to decorate. Fresh towels, some modern wall art, an artfully placed rug or runner, or even a free-standing towel rack can add a fresh, spa-like vibe to your bathroom space without requiring a lot of sweat or expense. Keep costs low by shopping sales or using coupons, or visiting your favorite reclamation store, which will offer unique pieces at unbeatable prices.

Bathroom updates and decorations will yield untold benefits for your house. It will make it easier to sell, if you’re thinking of moving. It will give a fun, fresh, updated look, it can help you organize, and – most importantly – will add invaluable equity to your home. You can have a luxury look at a frugal price point by choosing one or two small upgrades to make to your bathroom and completing the work by yourself or a hired professional. Before you know it, you too will be enjoying your time in your spa-inspired relaxation space.