How to Make Your Bathroom Spa-Worthy

Tile Reglazing | A1 Reglazing Once you get past the holidays, winter can turn gloomy. One way to counteract this feeling and re-energize yourself is with a visit to a spa. However, after a long day of work and with the energy-sapping effects of cold weather, you would probably rather skip the expense and stay in your warm house. Continue reading “How to Make Your Bathroom Spa-Worthy”

7 Unique Countertop Ideas for Your Remodel

Tile Refinishing | A1 ReglazingThere is probably no room in the house that has as many functions as your kitchen. No longer is it limited to the utilitarian function of preparing meals and washing dishes. The modern kitchen is often the hub of the home—family and guests gather there to share meals, drinks, and conversation. As such, you want your kitchen to reflect your tastes and sense of style while providing the functionality that you need. Continue reading “7 Unique Countertop Ideas for Your Remodel”

Pool Refinishing Among 6 Winter Pool Care Tips

Pool Slide Refinishing Among 6 Winter Pool Care Tips | A1 ReglazingAn in ground pool offers hours of fun, excitement and adds value to your home. No matter if you live in a locale that is sunny year-round or get tons of snow each winter, pool maintenance is very important throughout the entire year. From pool slide refinishing to chemical treatments, taking care of your pool in the winter can make it easier to open come spring time. It can also help prevent damage due to freezing temperatures. Warm or cold climate, here are some things that you can do in the winter to help protect your pool and ways that you can prepare it for next summer. Continue reading “Pool Refinishing Among 6 Winter Pool Care Tips”

4 Reasons Why a Clawfoot Tub Is Worth Keeping

 4 Reasons Clawfoot Tubs are Worth Keeping | A1 ReglazingYou’ve purchased an older home that sports a clawfoot tub in both bathrooms. The only problem is that the tubs have seen better days. That makes you wonder if it would be worth the effort to have them resurfaced or if you should invest in new tubs. Here are some of the reasons that you should not let go of those tubs unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Continue reading “4 Reasons Why a Clawfoot Tub Is Worth Keeping”

7 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

Common Remodeling Mistakes | A1 ReglazingYou love your house. You’ve lived in it for years, and you can’t imagine being happy anywhere else. Over the years, you’ve changed the carpeting, added new furniture, and installed new cabinet doors in the kitchen. But there is still that old bathroom that keeps reminding you that your house was built and designed in 1975. Here are 7 common remodeling mistakes when it comes to bathroom renovations.  Continue reading “7 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes”

4 Tips to Finding a Bathroom Refinishing Company

4 Tips to Finding the Best Bathroom Refinishing Company | A1 Reglazing

When planning a bathroom project, one of the first things you will need to do is identify a bathroom refinishing company that provides quality work and can stand by their promises. As you begin to research your options, use these tips to find the best bathroom refinishing company in your area.
Continue reading “4 Tips to Finding a Bathroom Refinishing Company”

Benefits of Reglazing Your Shower

Benefits of Reglazing Your Shower | A1 Reglazing

If you are thinking about changing the look of your shower, then you might be wondering about the benefits you can receive. Many people just allow their shower to remain in the same condition for many years, and they are not open to other possibilities. We’ll explain 4 benefits of reglazing your shower rather than buying brand new.

Continue reading “Benefits of Reglazing Your Shower”

Refinishing Fiberglass: Why You Should Consider It

Refinishing Fiberglass Fixtures in Your Bathroom | A1 ReglazingYour only real complaint about the bathroom is how dull and worn the tub and shower enclosure look. One approach is to rip out the bathing area and have something new installed. Another way to go is to talk with an expert about refinishing fiberglass appliances. Here are some of the reasons why choosing the latter approach is worth considering.
Continue reading “Refinishing Fiberglass: Why You Should Consider It”

On a Budget? Cool Ideas to Transform Your Old Bathroom Into a Fresh New Space

Renovating a Bathroom on a Budget | A1 Reglazing

Turn your old bathroom into a modern, interesting space with these tips.

Has your bathroom walls turned yellow with age? Do you have old pink wallpaper that is from the 1970s? If so, then it is time to give your bathroom a facelift. Nobody likes a house with an outdated bathroom. Unfortunately, bathroom renovations can run into thousands of dollars. Maybe this is your first home and you do not have a lot of money to spend or you are trying to save up so that you can pay down credit card debt. The good news is that you can completely transform a drab bathroom without breaking the bank and going over your budget. Just a few important but relatively inexpensive updates can make a dramatic difference.

Continue reading “On a Budget? Cool Ideas to Transform Your Old Bathroom Into a Fresh New Space”

Home Remodeling: Create a Vintage Bathroom on a Budget

How to Create a Vintage Bathroom | A1 ReglazingThese ideas will help you have a luxurious, vintage bathroom at a cost that will not break the bank.

Whether you are installing a new bathroom or updating your old one, pay tribute to the past with a one-of-a-kind vintage bathroom. By scouring garage sales, flea markets and thrift stores, you can inexpensively transform just about any bathroom into a charming, nostalgic space. Add vintage appeal and give your bathroom a vintage look for less with these ideas.

Vintage Vanity Mirror

A Victorian or Venetian-style mirror is a great choice for a vintage bathroom. It helps you add in old-style finishes and forms to your bathroom.

Antique-Style Faucets

Bring a bygone spirit to your bathroom with gold-finish or antique-looking faucets. Second-hand stores, salvage yards and specialty retailers are great places to search for vintage or reproduction faucets and other fixtures.

Retro Chandelier

A metal or other retro-style chandelier helps gives any bathroom the feel of a different era. Combining a small crystal chandelier with a clawfoot tub and an antique is a great look for a antique-style bathroom. Although a chandelier looks great hanging right above a clawfoot tub, make sure that you follow building codes in your area before installing any lights in the bathroom. Usually there are rules about how far away a lighting fixture must be from a tub.

Antique Cupboard

Add both function and style to a vintage bathroom with an antique cupboard. Use it to store your toilet paper, towels and toiletries. Find an old-style cupboard at a yard sale or bring new purpose to a cupboard by distressing it.

Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks look great in retro bathrooms and they are available in all sizes and shapes. Choose one that has a vintage look.

Light Blue Walls

When it comes to a creating a vintage bathroom, a great place to start is with the walls. Repainting your bathroom walls is an easy, inexpensive weekend job. Choose a timeless light blue for the classic vintage bathroom. Crisp white is a great color for accent pieces and trim.

Distressed Bathroom Vanity

Repurpose an old, beat-up vanity by giving it a distressed look. This technique gives furniture the character and charm of an antique look. Distressing is an easy weekend job for most DIYers.

Vintage Accessories

Scour flea markets and thrift shops to find old styling accessories and hairbrushes for your vintage bathroom. You can display these on vintage trays or on a vintage cupboard.

Clawfoot Tub

Clawfoot tubs are ideal for a vintage-style bathrooms. These luxurious baths have been around for hundreds of years and are now starting to make a comeback. These statement tubs provide a strong focal point in a bathroom. Clawfoot tubs are also deeper than regular bathtubs, which makes them perfect for a relaxing escape after a hard day at work.

Salvaged clawfoot tubs can be found for as low as $35. Once you find one, even if it is not in the best shape, have it professionally refinished to look brand new. A professional refinish is economical and can be completed in as little as a day or two. Refinishing a tub is a specialized job that is best left to the pros.


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