How to Care For and Maintain Reglazed Bathroom Tile

How to Care For and Maintain Reglazed Bathroom Tile | A1Reglazing

Your bathroom tile has just been refinished, and you couldn’t be happier with the results. Well done! Under normal use and proper care, your reglazed bathroom tile will give you many years of trouble-free service and beauty.

You have probably been instructed by your installer to refrain from using any parts of the bathroom that have been reglazed for 24 to 48 hours. And even though you can use these surfaces after waiting the prescribed amount of time, you should be aware that the finish will continue to cure for 30 to 90 days. So it is important that you exercise extra caution in those first months and give it proper care in the years ahead.

To maintain its impressive appearance, assure its durability, and protect the warranty on your new reglazed bathroom tile, follow these simple guidelines:

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Time For a New Bathroom: Design Ideas That Provide Style Without a Huge Cost

How to Create a New Bathroom While Staying in Budget | A1 ReglazingEven though there’s some money set aside for remodeling the master bathroom, you can’t spend the cash with abandon. One way to stretch those dollars is to make some enhancements to the elements you already have in the space. Here are some suggestions that you can use to transform it into a new bathroom and still keep within your budget.

Dealing With an Older Tub

The bathroom currently sports a beautiful cast iron clawfoot tub. While it’s true that the finish is wearing a little thin in places, you really don’t want to get rid of it. After all, you’ve had plenty of relaxing soaks after those rough days at work.

Still, you would like to add a shower to the space. Wouldn’t the tub have to go in order to make room for a stall? Actually, a contractor can show you an easy trick so you can have your soak and still shower when you want.

All you will really need to do is invest in having the tub refinished. That takes care of the worn spots and also gives you the chance to change the color if you like. Consider using one color for the inside and for the lip. The body can sport another color that you plan on using in the space.

For the shower aspect, the contractor can outfit the tub with the right type of hardware to create a shower. That includes a shower head that is mounted above the tub and operated by the hardware near the spigot. Add a suspended frame for a shower curtain and you enjoy a bubble bath or take a quick shower, whichever you prefer. This creates the look of a new bathroom and new tub, while keeping a budget.

How About the Lavatory and the Toilet?

Take a good look at the condition of the lavatory and the toilet. Are they still in good shape? Do you like the size and the style of both? If so, why replace them? You can have these elements refinished to match the new color scheme used for the tub. That helps add visual unity to the space and gives you some idea of what other colors you can introduce.

Doing Something with the Tile

The wall and floor tiles do have a few minor flaws, but overall they are in good shape. Since you like the size and the style, why not change the color. It’s simply enough to have a professional come in and refinish the surfaces and provide any color you want. Choose something that will continue the theme you’ve already started with the tub, toilet, and lavatory.

How About the Rest of the Walls?

If your bathroom walls are not completely covered with tiles, you do need to come up with a solution for the painted surfaces. One approach is to pick a third color that works with what you’ve already settled on for the tile and the other major elements. You could also consider investing in some type of vinyl wall covering to add a pattern to the solid colors you are using in the space. Make sure the pattern does pick up on those other colors and there will be no trouble creating the unified look you want.

Finish the Job with Some New Fixtures and Hardware

Consider changing out the taps on the lavatory, the door pulls on the cabinetry, and even the knobs on the bathroom door. Make sure they are functional as well as decorative. Nothing is gained by installing something that looks great but is hard to use.

Remember that before you make any changes to the space, talk with a professional and work out the details for the renovation. That makes it easier to address each change in a logical manner, and will stretch your budget a little further.


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Updating Your Bathroom Design

bathroom design If you’d like to give your home a nice and pleasant update, then it may be a smart idea to go for bathroom redesign and renovation work. Although your bathroom may seem like a very small part of your house, you probably spend a lot of time in it. Whether you’re a fan of leisurely baths at night or of lengthy morning skincare rituals (complete with face masks), you may find your bathroom to be something like a private sanctuary and want to update your bathroom design.

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Make Selecting a Bathroom Design the First Step of the Remodeling Process

Make Selecting a Bathroom Design the First Step of the Remodeling ProcessWhen it comes to remodeling a bathroom, one of the first tasks should be to hone in on a particular style or  bathroom design that suits your style and space. Although this procedure may seem mundane or routine, it is actually one of the most important steps of the remodeling process.A preconceived bathroom design from the outset can help save you both time and money and streamline the project.

Process of Elimination

One of the best ways to decide how you want your bathroom to look is to decide how you do not want it to look. For instance, if you are not a fan of claw foot tubs or vintage fixtures, you can probably eliminate classic features from your list. Similarly, think about designs by styles or eras, such as the following:

  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • Minimalist
  • French country
  • Rococo
  • Victorian

There are endless different bathroom designs out there and the process of selecting the right one can be overwhelming. Eliminating styles off your design list can help you better narrow down your search. It also provides you with a checklist, of sorts, to ensure you are being comprehensive in your search. It is not uncommon for people to change their minds on the design of a remodel once the project has begun; the process of elimination helps mitigate the potential of this happening.

Hit the (Bathroom Floor) Running

Once a bathroom design is selected, the rest of the pieces of the remodeling process fall into place nicely. Whether you are doing the construction yourself or are hiring a general contractor or remodeling company for the job, knowing the design well in advance has myriad benefits. For instance, fixtures and features including tubs, showers and vanities can be thoroughly researched ahead of time to find the best quality and price. This, in turn, will help provide precise layout plans for the remodel, thereby decreasing the likelihood of hasty or inaccurate drawings, which can be costly to revise. In short, it will make for a more efficient and successful project all the way around.


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