Simple Bathroom Updates To Give Your House a New Look

Simple Bathroom Updates | A1 Reglazing

There’s nothing more satisfying than taking a house, an apartment, or a townhouse and making it your own. Putting your own touches on the place you’re living – whether you’re renting or own it – takes a place from a dwelling and helps it become a home. Some of the easiest and budget-friendly renovation options are through bathroom updates.

When your funds are finite, but you want to spruce up your bathroom, or even add value to it, what can you do? Most people start with kitchen and bathroom renovations. Kitchen and bathroom updates often yield the greatest return when you sell your home (if you think that someday you will sell). They also increase the value of your home by the most significant margin, which can be important for refinancing or obtaining home equity loans.

So what can you do to renew your bathroom on a budget? Here are some simple upgrades that are easy and inexpensive and will give your bathroom a fresh, spa-like feeling.

Paint Your Bathroom a Cool, Modern Color

One of the easiest and least expensive bathroom updates is to simply paint the space.  Choosing a cool, modern color – either a neutral, like gray or taupe, or something bolder like teal or purple can radically transform the area. And painting is also cost-effective. You can conceivably paint a bathroom for around $100, especially if you do it yourself. Wait for your local hardware store or paint store to run a sale and snag the paint color you want at a discount. The new color will brighten and liven up the space without breaking your bank account.

Update Your Finishes (faucet, towel bar, etc)

Another easy and cost-effective update to your bathroom is to update your finishes. Replace outdated or plain towel bars, faucets, showerheads, and even bathroom decorations like soap pumps and toothbrush holders. Shop sales and reclamation stores, taking your time until you can find the pieces and decor you want at a price that fits your budget. Because placing a towel bar and replacing the faucet are fairly simple, straightforward tasks, you can do these projects yourself or with a friend, saving yourself the cost of labor.

Add Some Storage

Bathroom Storage | A1 Reglazing

The easiest way to make your bathroom look bigger is to declutter and open up some free countertop and ambient space. And the best way to do that is by adding storage. Whether it’s a mall over-the-toilet cabinet, a vintage towel rack, or some reclaimed wood shelving, adding storage will give your bathroom organization and flair.  And because most shelving and small cabinetry comes with easy-to-follow instructions, you can assemble and mount them yourself. Check out stores like Target, Wal-Mart, or At Home for quick and easy inexpensive (but still stylish) DIY storage options.

Add Some Drama

While it may be wise to keep the more permanent parts of your bathroom timeless (tiling, bathtubs, showers, and vanities), you can easily add flair and drama by updating your bathroom with big feature pieces like an au courant mirror. A mirror is easy to hang and easy to procure, and – most importantly – easy to change in the future if you no longer like the style. You can even take a fairly plain and simple plate glass wall mirror and add some flair by creating a DIY mirror frame, which is even more inexpensive and requires no mirror removal or demo to add style. Similarly, you can update the lighting in your bathroom to add some modern flair with an easy switch-out that won’t break the bank and can be easily changed in the future.

Reglaze Your Bathtub or Shower Surround

If you’d really like to add a spa-like atmosphere or upgrade your bathroom in a more lasting way, you can consider tiling your tub or shower surround. As one of the more drastic bathroom updates, tub or shower reglazing adds an upscale feel to the space. This can be very attractive to future buyers, if you’re ever thinking of selling your home. Reglazing tile can be done on your own, or you can hire a contractor or handyman to complete it for you.

If you currently do not have tile, it’s worth tiling. If you choose to DIY, make sure you visit your local hardware store, or a chain store like Lowe’s or Home Depot, where they may offer free classes to teach skills like grouting and tiling. Tiling on your own is a more intensive and time-consuming process than some other DIY projects, but it can save you a lot of money while simultaneously adding much value to your home.

Replace the Countertops

Similar in its difficulty to tiling or reglazing, changing out the countertops can pack a punch in a low-budget bathroom update. You can find reclaimed pieces, returned or scrap pieces, or sale materials to keep the cost low. You may need help in installing a countertop on your own, but a countertop can lighten and freshen the look of your bathroom and make it more modern. Because most vanity countertops are not large, you can spring for upscale materials, like marble, quartz, or granite, without having to worry about a hefty bill – even if you pay full price.


One of the easiest bathroom updates is simply to decorate. Fresh towels, some modern wall art, an artfully placed rug or runner, or even a free-standing towel rack can add a fresh, spa-like vibe to your bathroom space without requiring a lot of sweat or expense. Keep costs low by shopping sales or using coupons, or visiting your favorite reclamation store, which will offer unique pieces at unbeatable prices.

Bathroom updates and decorations will yield untold benefits for your house. It will make it easier to sell, if you’re thinking of moving. It will give a fun, fresh, updated look, it can help you organize, and – most importantly – will add invaluable equity to your home. You can have a luxury look at a frugal price point by choosing one or two small upgrades to make to your bathroom and completing the work by yourself or a hired professional. Before you know it, you too will be enjoying your time in your spa-inspired relaxation space.

How to Make Your Bathroom Spa-Worthy

Tile Reglazing | A1 Reglazing Once you get past the holidays, winter can turn gloomy. One way to counteract this feeling and re-energize yourself is with a visit to a spa. However, after a long day of work and with the energy-sapping effects of cold weather, you would probably rather skip the expense and stay in your warm house. Continue reading “How to Make Your Bathroom Spa-Worthy”

Micro-Budget Bathroom Make-Overs

How to Give Your House a Bathroom Make-over | A1 ReglazingBathrooms are small spaces that can have a big impact on a home’s perceived comfort and style. Dated bathrooms usually look dingy and uninviting to homeowners and potential home buyers. Even during tough economic times, there are many ways that homeowners can give their homes’ bathroom make-overs without breaking their budgets. The keys to a successful budget bathroom redesign are planning, research and some professional assistance. Here are some top strategies for refreshing a modern bathroom make-over.

#1 Opt For a Fresh Paint Job
Painting is a cost-effective, high-impact method of transforming bathrooms into uplifting spaces. Expert remodelers recommend neutral paint colors that can be easily enhanced by accessories of varied hues. While these expert designers consider pale blues, pinks and yellows as go-to neutrals for bathrooms, bolder remodelers might try darker neutrals like navy blue, red or charcoal gray to make their bathrooms more distinctive. Homeowners can save extra money by doing this task themselves if they research proper painting techniques and preparatory procedures before they begin the job.

#2 Don’t Remove Instead Renew
Many people imagine that their new bathrooms will include new tubs, showers and sinks. After all, it is probably bathrooms’ worn and dull furnishings and fixtures that inspire bathroom make-overs from the start. However, homeowners can save their remodeling dollars for other upgrades by having their fiberglass tubs and showers refinished instead of replaced. Reputable refinishers guarantee that they can restore these expensive bathroom fixtures such as tubs to their original luster through a reglazing process. As a result, homeowners get tubs and showers that look like new, and the reglazing process can cost them up to 75 percent less than the cost to replace the fixtures. Another benefit of using this remodeling option is that bath tub and shower refinishing can be done quickly and without the mess of removing major fixtures.

#3 Modernize Lighting
Almost nothing highlights a drab bathroom like inadequate or outmoded lighting. Experts designers recommend investing in classic pendant lights that hang from the ceiling, recessed lights that are mounted under bathroom cabinetry and well-placed wall sconces. Many discount lighting and hardware retailers that can be found locally and online have great selections at reasonable prices. Thriftier remodelers may find ways of modernizing older sconces with paint.

#4 Upcycle Bathroom Furnishings and Accessories
Recently, interior designers have gotten creative with the types of sinks that they place within homes. These sinks can reflect an owner’s particular personality or a custom design theme. A popular alternative to simplistically elegant, pedestal sinks are bathroom vanities that are anchored by antique-looking dressers (1). While buying ready-made sinks like this from retailers can be costly, frugal remodelers can find dressers at thrift stores that can be used to recreate this look to give your home a bathroom make-over. A knowledgeable remodeler can strip, paint and modify an old dresser that is in good condition so that a new or refinished sink can be attached to the furniture. Fixtures such as cabinet hardware and faucets can also be upcycled.

#5 Add Radiant Heating Elements
When it comes to pulling off a bathroom remodeling job, many homeowners want to include some upscale amenities. A relatively inexpensive bathroom feature that adds comfort and value is radiant-heat flooring (2). If a homeowner is already planning to put down tile flooring in their bathroom, many remodeling experts recommend installing a radiant-heat floor system underneath the tiles so that bathroom users can avoid the uncomfortably cold feeling that is associated with otherwise beautiful tile flooring.




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Time For a New Bathroom: Design Ideas That Provide Style Without a Huge Cost

How to Create a New Bathroom While Staying in Budget | A1 ReglazingEven though there’s some money set aside for remodeling the master bathroom, you can’t spend the cash with abandon. One way to stretch those dollars is to make some enhancements to the elements you already have in the space. Here are some suggestions that you can use to transform it into a new bathroom and still keep within your budget.

Dealing With an Older Tub

The bathroom currently sports a beautiful cast iron clawfoot tub. While it’s true that the finish is wearing a little thin in places, you really don’t want to get rid of it. After all, you’ve had plenty of relaxing soaks after those rough days at work.

Still, you would like to add a shower to the space. Wouldn’t the tub have to go in order to make room for a stall? Actually, a contractor can show you an easy trick so you can have your soak and still shower when you want.

All you will really need to do is invest in having the tub refinished. That takes care of the worn spots and also gives you the chance to change the color if you like. Consider using one color for the inside and for the lip. The body can sport another color that you plan on using in the space.

For the shower aspect, the contractor can outfit the tub with the right type of hardware to create a shower. That includes a shower head that is mounted above the tub and operated by the hardware near the spigot. Add a suspended frame for a shower curtain and you enjoy a bubble bath or take a quick shower, whichever you prefer. This creates the look of a new bathroom and new tub, while keeping a budget.

How About the Lavatory and the Toilet?

Take a good look at the condition of the lavatory and the toilet. Are they still in good shape? Do you like the size and the style of both? If so, why replace them? You can have these elements refinished to match the new color scheme used for the tub. That helps add visual unity to the space and gives you some idea of what other colors you can introduce.

Doing Something with the Tile

The wall and floor tiles do have a few minor flaws, but overall they are in good shape. Since you like the size and the style, why not change the color. It’s simply enough to have a professional come in and refinish the surfaces and provide any color you want. Choose something that will continue the theme you’ve already started with the tub, toilet, and lavatory.

How About the Rest of the Walls?

If your bathroom walls are not completely covered with tiles, you do need to come up with a solution for the painted surfaces. One approach is to pick a third color that works with what you’ve already settled on for the tile and the other major elements. You could also consider investing in some type of vinyl wall covering to add a pattern to the solid colors you are using in the space. Make sure the pattern does pick up on those other colors and there will be no trouble creating the unified look you want.

Finish the Job with Some New Fixtures and Hardware

Consider changing out the taps on the lavatory, the door pulls on the cabinetry, and even the knobs on the bathroom door. Make sure they are functional as well as decorative. Nothing is gained by installing something that looks great but is hard to use.

Remember that before you make any changes to the space, talk with a professional and work out the details for the renovation. That makes it easier to address each change in a logical manner, and will stretch your budget a little further.


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Budget Friendly Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

kitchen and bathroom remodelIt can be tricky to figure out what the possibilities are for a kitchen and bathroom remodel when you are on a budget. Luckily, there are many ways to Make the space look brand new without having to buy a whole knew kitchen or bathroom. For example, if you have cabinets that look outdated you can paint them. In addition, if you do not like the layout of your cabinets, you can remove and reinstall them.

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Bathroom Remodel Ideas: How to Have a Spa Bathroom for Less

bathroom remodelContemporary spa-like bathrooms are the newest trend in home remodeling at the current moment and it is no wonder. These luxurious bathrooms offer the ultimate in relaxation. With features such as dramatic soaker tubs, heated floors, custom lighting, skylight, they are the perfect tranquil setting to help you relax after a long day at work. The only drawback to a spa-like bathroom retreat is the cost. For a lot of homeowners, these features are out of reach. Fortunately, you can give your bathroom the rejuvenating feel of a spa with these cost-effective ideas.

Repaint Your Walls and Cabinets With a Spa-Like Color Palette

Nature-inspired colors, such as green, gray and brown provide a spa-like feeling. These colors are calming. A soothing blue-green scheme can be used to create a relaxing ambience in your bathroom. Use a light green color to transform your bathroom into a tropical paradise. This Earthy, organic color will help your bathroom feel like a spa day in Bali. If you have a window, add some tropical plants. Tropical greenery, such orchards, will invoke the image of lush foliage.

Update Your Lighting

Create tranquility and serenity with dimmer lights. Dimmer lights can transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis. With the help of a dimmer, you can soften your lighting and get the spa-like feel when you need a soothing soak in the tub. Hang pendants above the bathroom vanity to provide warmth that is perfect for a spa setting. Use cove lighting in the ceiling to set the mood for a relaxing shower.

Install a Massaging Shower Head

A massaging shower head is a very budget-friendly update that will help satisfy your relaxation needs. A massaging or a rain showerhead will help give your bathroom a spa feel and look as well as provide a relaxing shower experience. This is a DIY job perfect for the weekend. All that is needed is a wrench and 10 minutes to install the showerhead.

Add Some Nice Smells

Adding some nice smells to your bathroom can help turn it into a place for relaxation. Peppermint-scented soaps, lavender and jasmine lotions, coconut shampoos and other spa-like smells are a nice touch for any spa bathroom. The addition of fragrance sticks, scented diffusers or scented candles are also great for a luxurious spa-like experience. The soft glow of a candlelight will give your bathroom a relaxed feel.

Transform Your Bathtub With Reglazing

Is your bathtub rusted, chipped or unattractive? An ugly bathtub makes it impossible to create a relaxing spa-like bathroom. Instead of getting rid of the bathtub, give new life to it with reglazing. You can hire a professional refinishing company to reglaze your bathtub at a fraction of the cost of a new one. Reglazing will make your bathtub look brand new again. In addition, this process does not take long. You can usually use your bathtub within a day or two.

You can have a bathroom with amenities on par with your favorite spa by making just simple changes. Using the above tips will help you turn your bathroom into an oasis without the spa price tag.


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How a Shower Refinish Will Save You Money

How a Shower Refinish Will Save You Money | A1 ReglazingYour kitchen can be the most expensive room to renovate in your house, but a full bathroom renovation is easily second. Much of the cost is the labor involved in demolition and reconstruction. When you have to tear out infrastructure such as flooring, walls and fixtures, it takes time, has disposal costs, and then the rebuilding begins. Many bathrooms can benefit with surfaces being refinished instead of replaced. Tile, porcelain and fiberglass can have worn, dull and damaged surfaces refinished to make them look brand new without having to tear anything out and replace it. By choosing a shower refinish, your bathroom looks brand new, for a cheaper price.

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Three Points to Consider For Your Bathroom Designing Projects

bathroom remodelingNow that the kids are grown and on their own there’s the time and the money to spend on some home renovations. One of the first projects you want to tackle is updating the master bathroom. Before you start ripping out anything it pays to make some decisions first. With the aid of a professional it won’t be long until you have a design plan that is ideal for your space. Here are some tips on what to include in those bathroom designing project.

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Bathtub Repairs Before Moving Into a New Home

Bathtub Repairs When Moving Into A New House | A1 ReglazingWhen you are moving into an older home with an ugly bathtub in its bathroom, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars buying a new fixture to have it installed by plumbers. Today, reglazing is the best way to repair a bathtub’s surface to make it look brand-new. You can hire a technician with the expertise to repair the scratches and dents on a bathtub in only a few hours, and within two days the fixture is ready to use for baths and showers. It is also possible to change the color of a bathtub with a dyeing process that can cover old-fashioned colors such as dark green, gold or blue. Bathtub repairs are necessary when moving into a home with old outdated bathrooms.

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Have a Business’s Shower Stalls Refinished

Refinished Shower and Stalls for Businesses and Entities | A1 ReglazingThe showers in businesses such as hotels, medical facilities, day spas and fitness clubs are used more frequently than in homes, and the surfaces can begin to look shoddy quickly. Business managers may notice that a shower stalls outer surface has scratches and chips that expose the underlying layers. Fortunately, it is possible to have enamel, porcelain and fiberglass shower surfaces refinished in only a few days to look better for patients, clients and guests.

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