Trending Ideas for Your Reglazing Tile Project

Tile Reglazing | A1 ReglazingDo you have an old, outdated bathroom with tile that’s chipped, cracked, and damaged? A clawfoot tub that’s an eyesore and you are considering removing it? Is the tile in your kitchen or bathroom the wrong color for your taste (a pink bathtub that screams 1956)? Or maybe the trough-style sink in your kitchen is looking more ugly than interesting? Continue reading “Trending Ideas for Your Reglazing Tile Project”

How to Make Your Bathroom Spa-Worthy

Tile Reglazing | A1 Reglazing Once you get past the holidays, winter can turn gloomy. One way to counteract this feeling and re-energize yourself is with a visit to a spa. However, after a long day of work and with the energy-sapping effects of cold weather, you would probably rather skip the expense and stay in your warm house. Continue reading “How to Make Your Bathroom Spa-Worthy”

4 Reasons Why a Clawfoot Tub Is Worth Keeping

 4 Reasons Clawfoot Tubs are Worth Keeping | A1 ReglazingYou’ve purchased an older home that sports a clawfoot tub in both bathrooms. The only problem is that the tubs have seen better days. That makes you wonder if it would be worth the effort to have them resurfaced or if you should invest in new tubs. Here are some of the reasons that you should not let go of those tubs unless it’s absolutely necessary.

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How Classic Clawfoot Tubs Melt the Hearts and Stress Levels of Homeowners

Classic Clawfoot Tubs Remain Popular Throughout the Ages | A1 ReglazingAlthough the concept of bathing vessels has been around for thousands of years, the original porcelain enameled, iron clawfoot tubs were first built during the 1880s, and they became popular with everyday households after World War I. The full sized soaking vessels with the engraved metal feet remain popular in today’s modern homes that seek to combine vintage style with classic luxury. Homeowners whose historic houses do not come with classic clawfoot tubs can purchase restored antique versions of the tubs or authentic looking replicas. Those who are blessed enough to have a period clawfoot tub can also have it re-glazed and restored to its original bathing grandeur. Like any good invention, old fashioned classic clawfoot tubs have undergone modernization over the years. Here are some of the updated amenities that are available on contemporary clawfoot tubs.
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The 5 Most Common Clawfoot Bathtub Varieties

clawfoot tubOnce seen as a sign of luxury, the clawfoot bathtub has come a long way. It remains an attractive and stylish option, one which stands in stark contrast to traditional squared-off models featured in many modern homes. You may not realize that there are, in fact, five primary types of clawfoot tub available, each with its own unique characteristics.

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