Pool Refinishing Among 6 Winter Pool Care Tips

Pool Slide Refinishing Among 6 Winter Pool Care Tips | A1 ReglazingAn in ground pool offers hours of fun, excitement and adds value to your home. No matter if you live in a locale that is sunny year-round or get tons of snow each winter, pool maintenance is very important throughout the entire year. From pool slide refinishing to chemical treatments, taking care of your pool in the winter can make it easier to open come spring time. It can also help prevent damage due to freezing temperatures. Warm or cold climate, here are some things that you can do in the winter to help protect your pool and ways that you can prepare it for next summer. Continue reading “Pool Refinishing Among 6 Winter Pool Care Tips”

Nine Great Ways to Improve Your Yard for Summer Gatherings

Nine Great Ways to Improve Your Yard for Summer GatheringsSummer is here, and it’s that wonderful time of the year when you can expect to spend a lot of fun time outside in your yard. Whether you get the entire neighborhood together for a backyard barbecue or allow the children to invite their friends over for an afternoon of swimming, you’ll want your outdoor space to look its very best. Here are just a few great ways that you can spruce up and improve your yard for excellent summer entertaining.

1. Colorful Cushions: Your outdoor furniture can be greatly enhanced by the addition of new, colorful cushions. Look for fun summer designs and the brightest colors to add a little pizzazz to the outdoors.

2. Improve the Look of Your Pool Slide: A nice pool with a slide is an excellent addition to your yard, but those fiberglass slides can start looking a little tacky as the years go by. Fortunately, you can have your slide professionally refinished, and it will look bright, shiny and new once again.

3. Fun Pool Toys: In addition to swimming, there are an amazing number of toys that can enhance your pool time. Big, bright beach balls and flotation devices in animal shapes are fun for young children, and you can set up water volleyball and basketball for your teenagers. Diving games with fun prizes are fun for every age group.

4. Summer Landscaping: There are many things that you can do to turn your backyard into a summer wonderland. Bright, beautiful flowers placed throughout the yard are always a nice touch. You may also consider adding a lawn pond that is complete with large, gorgeous goldfish. Put out some nice paving stones that lead to it, and make sure a comfortable bench awaits visitors next to the pond.

5. Attract Wildlife: Your yard can only be made more beautiful by the presence of nature’s creatures. Bird feeders, houses and baths will bring a variety of lovely birds into your view, and you can put out feeders for squirrels as well if you have trees that are large enough for them to climb. Talk to your local lawn and garden center about items to put out to attract butterflies, hummingbirds and other area favorites.

6. Add a Fire Pit: There’s no reason that you can’t improve your yard to enjoy it at night as well. With the addition of a fire pit, you can spend your evenings around the fire roasting marshmallows and enjoying the company of each other.

7. Create a Tiki Bar Next to the Pool: Kits are available at stores such as Home Depot, and your guests are sure to be delighted with this whimsical item. Offer up some creative, tropical drinks from behind the bar, and both children and adults can stay hydrated in style.

8. Introduce Extra Lighting: Use string lights around your patio, and line your backyard walkways with solar lights. If you have large plants in your yard, then you can also use glow-in-the-dark spray paint for the planters to add light to the night.

9. Get Artsy With Your Patio Tiles: If your patio is made up of tiles, then it’s time to channel your inner artist. Paint each tile a different color, or you might like to paint some colorful designs.


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Easy Ways to Enhance the Look of Your Pool Area

Pool Updates: Enhance the Look of Your Pool Area | A1 ReglazingIf you have an in-ground pool, you know that the area can be perfect for spending time relaxing on a lazy summer afternoon. It is also the perfect setting for throwing a fun summer bash. If the area is not very pleasing to the eye, however, you may not be tempted to spend much time enjoying your pool. There are lots of easy, simple ways to spruce up your pool area without spending a lot of money. Create a relaxing backyard oasis with these simple ideas.

Add Some Entertainment

Backyard swimming pools provide hours of entertainment for summer pool parties. Why not add more fun with an outdoor entertainment system? Outfit your pool area with an all-weather television so that you can catch your favorite television shows even on bright, summer days. Outdoor televisions are designed for permanent outdoor use and can withstand the elements. Speaker systems specially designed for outdoor use can also be strategically placed around your pool area for the ultimate audio experience. They can be hidden into the landscaping so that they are not visible. You can even install inexpensive wireless underwater speakers right in your swimming pool for the ultimate music experience during your next pool party.

Light up Your Pool

Add some lighting around your pool area to create a dramatic effect. Lights can be used to create whatever kind of ambiance you want, whether it is romantic or festive. You can use lighting to spotlight your landscaping, as well as create dramatic reflections on the water. In addition to improving the aesthetics of your pool area, lighting can also make the pool area safer. Pool lighting can help your guests see the pool so no one accidentally falls in at night. It can also deter animals from taking a swim in your pool.

Make Your Pool Slide More Thrilling

A swimming pool slide can offer lots of fun for kids and adults alike. The problem is that, over time, pool slides wear out. Rather than replacing your pool slide, why not have it refinished? Pool slide refinishing is a cost-effective way of making your old slide look brand new. How do you know if it is time for your pool slide to be refinished? Maybe swimsuits are getting snagged as your kids slide down or the slide no longer offers a fast, thrilling ride. Either of these scenarios means that it is time to refinish your slide. It is best to hire a professional refinishing company to tackle this job. It is an easy job for a professional re-glazing company to complete, but can be quite a hassle for a homeowner to tackle this job on their own.

Add Cool Water Features

There are a number of cool water features that can greatly improve the look of your pool area. Here are a few of the best water features for your pool area:

  • Waterfalls-Waterfalls lend a soothing ambiance to your pool area, as well as create a spectacular visual.
  • Splash Pads-A splash pad is a wonderful accompaniment to a swimming pool. These give the little ones a fun, safe place of their own to play.
  • Deck and Water Jets-With deck jets, you can create an impressive water show right in your own backyard. Deck jets can be used to form glistening streams of water from a patio or deck right into your pool.
  • Fountains-fountains can turn an ordinary swimming pool area into something beautiful.

Any of the above ideas can help turn your swimming pool area into a fun, interesting place for you and your friends and family to enjoy over the summer.


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