Fiberglass Refinishing

Refinishing fiberglass found in bathtubs and shower enclosures is a popular choice for those who want to save money from the costly, messy and time consuming process of replacement. The best part of fiberglass refinishing is that you will have a brand new looking bathtub or shower that is shiny and ready to use within 36 hours. The refinishing process is much quicker than replacing your fiberglass tub or shower and allows you to have your bathroom back in use fairly quickly. A-1’s fiberglass refinishing process starts with a two-step thorough surface cleaning before sanding the surface to ensure all foreign materials are removed. At A-1, we apply three coats of a bonding agent to ensure better adhesion of the top coat. Most refinishers do not do this step. We will take the extra step to make sure your refinished tub or shower not only looks like brand new but will last up to twenty years like it should.

Fiberglass Refinishing | A-1 Reglazing