Tile Refinishing

Tile refinishing in a bathroom or kitchen can save you thousands of dollars. The reglazing process can be completed in one day, compared to weeks for a typical remodeling project.

Oftentimes, older homes may have a beautiful tile job in place, but the colors are dated. This is where A1 Reglazing can come in and refinish the tile to the color of your choice with a brand new shine that looks and feels like original tile! You can also request an accent tile enhancement to add a second color option in your bathroom decor.

Ceramic tile refinishing is an affordable alternative to removing or replacing a tile vanity or countertop in any bathroom or kitchen remodeling project.

Tile Refinishing | A-1 Reglazing

Ceramic Tile Refinishing

Ceramic tile refinishing is very popular right now. A-1 can refinish your old dated ceramic tile to the color of your choice. Refinishing ceramic tile completely transforms your tile from looking old and dated to a shiny brand new look. Most ceramic tile refinishing jobs are completed in one day. After refinishing ceramic tile you will be back to using your kitchen or bathroom within 36 hours after we complete the job. Ceramic tile refinishing is faster and less costly compared to removing and replacing ceramic tile. If you have a tight remodeling budget, ceramic tile refinishing can save you up to 75% off the cost of replacing tile. When your ceramic tile is refinished, your friends will not be able to tell that it is not brand new tile because the refinished surface looks so similar to new tile. If you have an older bathroom with two different colors of tiles or accent tiles, we can cover the accent tiles that you would like to keep so your kitchen or bathroom retains the two color tile look. Some older bathrooms have black accent tiles with either green or blue tiles. We can cover the black tiles and refinish the other tiles to a shiny white. The black and white tile look is a very popular look in bathrooms now. You can get this popular black and white look for a fraction of the cost of a complete replacement remodel.